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The Wonders of Smallpox There are several epidemics in the world, but the one that stands out the most and has a large affect on people is smallpox. An epidemic is a widespread occurrence of and infectious disease in a community at a particular time. There are several epidemics and lots of them are very dangerous and can lead to very severe sickness or even death. Smallpox What is smallpox? They can also spread from being in contact with contaminated objects as well. The Impact of Disease on Native American Culture Though warfare and attacks on entire villages took a definite toll on the populations of Native Americans, disease was by far the biggest killer. While it has been somewhat difficult for scholars. Smallpox microorganism smallpox microorganism

At the turn of the 20th century, a vaccine had been developed for smallpox, a virus that killed millions in the s. Those who survived the disease were often left badly scarred or blind. The vaccine's protection, though, lasted only five years and had to smallpox microorganism renewed.

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And people forgot to do that, leading to occasional epidemics, including a serious outbreak on the Meskwaki Settlement near Tama. In Februarythree dozen Iowa communities reported smallpox outbreaks. When Des Moines reported smallpox cases in late February, the mayor closed the schools and smallpox microorganism public gatherings.

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Still, no one died. That would not be the case at the Meskwaki Settlement. On Oct. Benjamin Thompson of Tama, 'I believe the Indians have the smallpox. Thompson went to the nearby Meskwaki Settlement, home to people, to investigate. He learned smallpox microorganism an Indian from the Winnebago tribe had visited the settlement Sept. He had become ill, but no doctor was called and he continued meeting with tribe members. Thompson went back to the settlement with Dr. George Carpenter of Toledo. The first wickiup they visited had four smallpox microorganism smallpox cases and three people recovering from the virus. Two Meskwaki who'd lived there had died.

smallpox microorganism

The doctors that night reported to a joint meeting of the boards of health in Tama, Toledo and Montour. William Malin, the Interior Department's Indian agent for the settlement, insisted there was no problem. But after another medical visit to the smallpox microorganism, the three cities quarantined themselves.

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By Nov. Two weeks later, the totals had risen to 90 Meskwaki with smallpox and 35 deaths. To complicate matters, the Meskwaki declined offers to go to the hospital, they refused smallpox vaccinations and they refused to stay on the settlement. If they became sick, they would hide from the doctors.

The Tama Smallpox microorganism reported, 'It looks as though the disease must run smallpox microorganism course through the tribe, carrying off the aged and the infirm and weakening the constitution of those who may survive.

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The Iowa governor appealed to Interior Secretary Ethan Hitchcock for authority to enforce the quarantine among the Meskwaki. Hitchcock complied, smallpox microorganism the state the authority to 'take any necessary action. National Guard hospital tents and cots were shipped to the settlement. The Meskwaki were vaccinated, and they acquiesced to the quarantine.]

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