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The federal watchdog had been undertaking the investigation of the Pompeos for years, leading to fiery criticism of the agency from the former top U. The report, obtained by ABC News, documented over instances of Mike or Susan Pompeo assigning that aide and other staffers personal errands, including booking dinner reservations or salon appointments, mailing Christmas cards, and purchasing things such as flowers or a t-shirt — some details that ABC News first reported in September. Among the scores of incidents documented in the page report, the OIG reported that Porter printed photos for Susan Pompeo to give as gifts, ordered flowers and a t-shirt for friends, planned personal events at their home, and arranged social and personal ethics of the department and other Washington sites for politically-affiliated guests.

social and personal ethics

In two instances, Susan Pompeo had Porter buy gifts using department funds for dinner parties the Pompeos were attending — something that may further violate rules, the OIG said. He paid a reduced rate for a hotel when joining his at West Point, the U.

That delay meant the investigation, which had concluded in Augustwas not finalized for publication until this month.

social and personal ethics

Throughout his tenure, Pompeo was at war with the OIG, having its longtime chief Steve Linick, a career civil servant, fired in May Pompeo accused Linick of leaking details of investigations to media outlets, which Linick denied, and of pursuing probes outside of his scope. If you ever want to clear this setting, you can click the "Clear home" link in the footer of the site.

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social and personal ethics

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