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Socialism vs communism reddit 6 days ago · Better Reddit Experience: Easier, Faster, Smarter. r/Economics Discussion Thread - 31 December /Economics More than half of older millennials with student debt say their loans weren’t worth it. k k /Economics The results suggest that people low in moral character are likely to eventually dominate. 3 days ago · America’s Neoliberal Financialization Policy vs. China’s Industrial Socialism April 15, ; The latest US moves against Russia (OPEN THREAD #11) UPDATED!!! April 15, ; Why It Is Not Advised April 15, ; The news media offers wall-to-wall propaganda every day. We only notice when a royal dies April 14, ; Whither the Ukraine? 4 hours ago · It truly shows how damaging Vaush is to the ideal of Communism, anyone who’s read some about the Russian revolution would remember that in the path to socialism the bolsheviks faced obstacles the entire way, the white cadets, the bourgeoisie press, landlords, the middle class, the green army, the black army the mensheviks and more.
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socialism vs communism reddit

Socialism vs communism reddit Video

The Difference Between Socialism, Communism, and Marxism Explained by a Marxist socialism vs communism reddit

Communism has reincarnated under the flag of environmentalism. Are you a useful idiot? The three primary stages of communist propaganda methodology.

socialism vs communism reddit

Socialism vs communism reddit 1 is about creating polarization and demoralizing the public through divide-and-conquer tactics. Idealists are primary targets, as they are easily manipulated with emotionally charged propaganda. Next is destabilization, where the basic values redsit society are targeted and twisted, primarily through the educational system. Stage 3 is revolution, which typically occurs after majority support has been gained, through whatever means. If the revolution is won, democratic elections are abolished, and members of opposing parties are executed.

socialism vs communism reddit

Private businesses are seized and article source. All other useful idiots, having fulfilled their purpose of bringing communists to power, are now either enslaved into the new ideology, or disposed of in a variety of prescribed ways.

A new privileged elite of communist party leaders is now formed … Leaders of every key institution or organization: company, hospital, police, school, etc. Competence, ability or fitness for the job is no longer relevant or required; the only prerequisite is loyalty to the party. While supporters believe socialism and communism will socialism vs communism reddit equality and prosperity to all, the economic consequences are always the complete opposite: Poverty. But why? Den Boer explains it thus:. Capitalism is about efficiency.

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Private businesses must spend their capital very carefully. They cannot afford to make investments in their business, unless they are sure it will be worth it …. In a centrally planned economy, all production is controlled by government. The socialism vs communism reddit required to operate the government and the economy is obtained through taxation. Because a centrally planned economy is not subject to the laws of supply and demand, financial goals become meaningless, since there are no penalties for not achieving them. Thus, long-term government plans are never fulfilled and financial goals are replaced by imaginary production quotas. The result is profligate waste and inefficiency on a monumental scale. Communism institutes mandatory employment with pre-determined source and salaries.

Socialism Versus Communism

The problem is lack of goods and services. Even if you have money, you will have few opportunities to spend it for your own benefit. Communism results in the poverty of an entire society. By comparison, free-market capitalism has lifted the highest number of people out of poverty in human history.

Communism is the second stage, at which time wealth is distributed according to individual need.

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However, individual needs are determined by the government, not the individual. Socialism equals communism. So, what is life under communism like?]

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