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Jump to navigation Jump to search Sociology of Religion is a book by Max Weber , a German economist and sociologist. The original edition was in German. Max Weber studied the effects of religious action and inaction. He views religion by simply categorized different religions in order to fully understand religion's subjective meaning to the individual Verstehen. By viewing religion strictly in the scientific sense, Weber was striving for objectivity, attempting to ignore value judgments, and to understand religion as those human responses that give meaning to the inescapable problems of existence, such as birth, death, illness, aging, injustice, tragedy, and suffering. In The Sociology of Religion, Weber proposes that people pursue their own goals, and that religion facilitates that.

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References Introduction Since the early sociologists were trying to break free from the hegemonic religious paradigm that had long dominated European thought, it is not surprising that they were fascinated with the phenomena of religion itself. As they became increasingly aware of the fecund diversity of religious life around the world, a number of basic questions arose that still lie at the heart of the quest for a sociological understanding of religion. Why are religious beliefs and practices so universal? Why do they take such diverse forms? How do social forces help shape those beliefs and practices? What role does religion, in turn, play in social, economic , and political life? What Is Religion? The first step in understanding religion is obviously to decide what it is, but as is so often the case, defining this basic concept is a far more difficult business than it appears at first glance. Although this definition clearly requires some surgery to remove its Eurocentrism, it shows remarkable insight into the fundamental sociological characteristics of religion. For sociological purposes, at least, we can then say that religion involves three key elements: beliefs, practices, and a social group. Sociology and religion

April 18, download ebook download ebook free pdf download Sociology of Religion : An Historical Introduction Adopting an international perspective that goes beyond the conventional framework of Western theology, this volume bridges the divide between European and North American scholars by carefully extracting their common theoretical and research interests.

sociology and religion

Cipriani provides a critical analysis of both classical thought and contemporary currents in this readable text, aimed at both experts and students. He has achieved an expansion of the scientific approach to the study of religion.]

sociology and religion

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