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There are over 25, known near-Earth asteroids NEAs , over a hundred short-period near-Earth comets NECs , [1] and a number of solar-orbiting meteoroids were large enough to be tracked in space before striking the Earth. It is now widely accepted that collisions in the past have had a significant role in shaping the geological and biological history of the Earth. Asteroids as small as 20 metres 66 ft in diameter can cause significant damage to the local environment and human populations. Asteroid impact avoidance by deflection is possible in principle, and methods of mitigation are being researched. Two scales, the Torino scale and the more complex Palermo scale , rate the risk presented by an identified NEO based on the probability of it impacting the Earth and on how severe the consequences of such an impact would be. space impact online

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space impact online

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space impact online

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