Ssd 2 module 1 -

Ssd 2 module 1

Ssd 2 module 1 - regret, but

We are moving towards using larger test sizes on our benchmarks, but on several tests, we also used the smaller default-test sizes. This allows us to see the difference between lighter and heavier workloads. CrystalDiskMark is used as a basic starting point for benchmarks as it is something commonly run by end-users as a sanity check. Right off the bat, the sequential performance numbers for the Samsung 1TB are just a bit below the advertised rates. Do not get me wrong, the performance here is pretty darn good for a PCIe 3. Sequential numbers are still just a tick below the advertised rates. This benchmark was run with both a 1GB and 8GB test size. Notable here is the write performance, which is especially admirable given the lack of a DRAM cache. Finally, we have a minor bit of movement from the larger test set, with the 1TB losing a bit of ground on the write score relative to the smaller test. Overall though, the drop is minor and does not really affect the relative positioning of the drive on our chart. ssd 2 module 1. ssd 2 module 1

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Samsung 980 1TB Performance Testing

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ssd 2 module 1

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