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AP — A jury has convicted a former central Kansas police chief of several felony counts brought against him in a domestic stalking case. A Reno County jury found Brian Treaster guilty Wednesday of stalking and criminal threat, as well as misdemeanor counts of violation of a protection order and battery, the Hutchinson News reported. Treaster was acquitted of two counts each of phone harassment and disorderly conduct and a second count of violating a protection order. The stalking and protection order violation charges stemmed from an April incident in which Treaster confronted his ex-wife at her workplace while he was still the Bushton police chief. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Most Read. stalkling.

KY3 - A Missouri House Bill aims to change the definition of stalking and offer more protection to victims.

Current legislation fails to provide adequate deterrent, say women as they launch campaign

Stalking can happen in a variety of ways, including on social media or stalkling cell phones. Representative Lane Stalkling says he proposed House Bill so the legislature could keep up with the technological advances.


Roberts says. Bartel says technology and social media stalkling make that harder to do so. Bartel says this makes it difficult for victims to be able to live their lives freely.


The bill is now in the Senate. If it passes, it will come back to the House for a final reading. Stalkling report a correction or typo, please email digitalnews ky3.


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