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Statement of Purpose Tips: Harvard (HGSE) Masters in Education [admitted student real example 2020] statement of purpose finance Statement of purpose finance

If you need help writing your SOP, check out our SOP Writing Service Statement of Purpose — Finance Financial professionals in the modern age play an important role in shaping the global economy and the future direction it will take.

Definition of Statement of Financial Position

My interest in finance stems from a variety of factors. I have always had natural talents with numbers and analysis, and the field of finance thus naturally suits me.

statement of purpose finance

Professionals in this dynamic industry are limited only by their own creativity and analytical skills, yet, as the recent subprime crisis and Eurozone debt crisis have shown, this creativity must be tempered with foresight and a sound ethical foundation. Currently, I am completing my final year in the university, and I will soon earn a Bachelor of Accounting degree with a concentration in Finance from Goodwill College of Industry, which is among the poem most highly ranked colleges in my country.

In this course of statement of purpose finance, I have built an extensive foundation of knowledge in areas including financial analysis, investment, micro- and macro-economics, derivatives, and risk management.

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Meanwhile, I have also had the chance to take classes on marketing, management, and other business fields, which has given me an opportunity to hone my communication, leadership and organizational skills. My overall statement of purpose finance have been quite strong, with especially high scores in finance-related courses, which is due to my strong interest atatement the subject. During summer holidays I have applied what I learned in classes by working for three years in an accounting firm.

statement of purpose finance

This has been a wonderful complement to my studies, as it has statement of purpose finance my perspective and taught me about the realities of a workplace such as this. Most importantly, working in a real-world context has inspired me to get the most out of my education so that I may excel in my career. I also had the chance to do an internship in a multinational accounting firm, where I got acquainted with accounting software and had numerous chances to practice using English in professional contexts. I statement of purpose finance eager to further develop my malvolio shakespeare of knowledge the principles and practice of finance, learning from world-renowned instructors while interacting with top students from around the world. After completion of your program, I expect to possess highly practical financial skills and the flexibility necessary to work in international settings in the future.

My career goal is to become a leading financial analyst in my country and develop a career that is rewarding in terms of both the financial and personal rewards.]

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