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Journalist, activist, co-founder of the Stonewall psychology Societies of Washington, DC, and Florida, and editor of the first gay weekly newspaper in the United States, his death in left a legacy of gay rights, gay pride, and tremendous courage. This powerful biography captures the wisdom, passion, and spirit of a prolific activist and inspirational human being who refused to be silent in a society that considered homosexuality to stonewall psychology sinful and criminal.

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As a journalist, activist, and editor of the first gay weekly newspaper in the United States, Jack Nichols left a legacy of gay rights, gay pride, and tremendous courage. Covering episodes before and after Stonewall, during the AIDS epidemic, and beyond, Jack Nichols, Gay Pioneer charts stonewall psychology life of this pivotal figure his childhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC, to his final impassioned days in a Florida cancer treatment center in This book is an.

Jack Nichols is now known as a founding father of the stonewall psychology and lesbian liberation movement, editor of GAY the first gay weekly newspaperco-founder of the Mattachine Societies of Washington, DC, and Florida, and a warrior who broke ground stonewall psychology gay equality. In his early twenties, however, he was dedicated to romance, ardor, and wanderlust-living stonewall psychology life of a gypsy and making love with abandon. Jack takes his reader on the road with him Jack often hitchhiking in only T-shirt and jeans where he encounters, beds down and sometimes hustles dozens of attractive ''numbers'' who come his way. With a variety of companions, and with little money in his pocket, in the early 60s, he drove, hitchhiked, rode buses, and even walked for a couple of long stretches from Washington, DC, to New York and then through West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois.

He recalls in considerable detail a variety of individuals with whom he had erotic encounters.

The title The Tomcat Chronicles is fully descriptive. Oscar Wilde believed one''s life should be a work of art.

stonewall psychology

Jack''s life, which has always combined courage, social awareness and sexual passion, is certainly stonewall psychology a work. Gay is Good Author : Michael G. Long before Stonewall, there was Franklin Kameny —one stonewall psychology the most significant figures in the gay rights movement.

Long situates these letters in context, giving historical and biographical data about the subjects and events involved. Gay Is Good pays tribute to an advocate whose tireless efforts created a source shift in social attitudes and practices, leading the way toward equality for the LGBT community.]

stonewall psychology

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