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Subliminal messages advertisement subliminal messages advertisement

How Does Subliminal Perception Apply to Marketing?

We are all on the same side which I remember now. There is enough food for everyone to eat.

subliminal messages advertisement

There is space on the planet for everyone to live richly. Today I show the world the light in me. I pray for fewer and fewer global accidents today.

subliminal messages advertisement

I pray for less and less global anger today. I enjoy being a part of my world. I have faith in the future of the world. I pray for increased good-will between countries. I have faith in the goodness of mankind. I choose to notice the good in people today.

The Unconscious State of Mind

I choose to see a kind and loving world around me. I consciously give love and positive energy to the world.

subliminal messages advertisement

I choose to see my brothers and sisters as equal. My world is a place of beauty. I help humanity one heart at a time. I extend my essence of love and joy to the planet.

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I join with my sisters and brothers to save the world. My part in saving the world is an important one. There is much good in the world and I accept it. My honest opinion is useful to the planet.]

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