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Huey Pierce Long Jr. August 30, — September 10,byname " The Kingfish ", was an American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from to and as a member of the United States Senate from until his assassination in He was a populist member of the Democratic Party and rose to national prominence during the Great Depression for his vocal criticism of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Dealwhich Long deemed not radical enough. As the political leader of Louisianahe commanded wide networks of supporters and often took forceful action. A controversial figure, Long is celebrated as a populist champion of the poor or, conversely, denounced as a fascistic demagogue.

summary of the kings speech

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Long was born in the impoverished north of Louisiana in After working as a traveling salesman and attending several colleges, he entered the bar in Louisiana. Summary of the kings speech a brief private legal career in which he represented poor plaintiffs, Long was elected to the Louisiana Public Service Commission. As Commissioner, he prosecuted large corporations such as Standard Oila lifelong target of his rhetorical attacks. After Long successfully argued before the U. Supreme Court summaey, Chief Justice and former president William Howard Taft praised him as "the most brilliant lawyer who ever practiced" before the court. After a failed campaign, Long used the sharp economic and class divisions in Louisiana to win the gubernatorial og. Once in office, he expanded social programs, organized massive public works projects, such as a modern highway system and the tallest capitol building in the nationand proposed a cotton holiday.

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Through political maneuvering, Long became the political boss of Louisiana. He was impeached in for abuses of power, but the proceedings collapsed summary of the kings speech the State Senate. His opponents argued his policies and methods were unconstitutional and dictatorial. At its climax, political opposition organized a minor insurrection. Long was elected to the U. Senate in but did not assume his seat until He established himself as an isolationistarguing that Standard Oil and Wall Street orchestrated American foreign policy. He was instrumental in securing Roosevelt's nomination but split with him inbecoming a prominent critic of his New Deal.

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As an alternative, he proposed the Share Our Wealth program in To stimulate the economy, he advocated massive federal spending, a wealth taxand wealth redistribution. These proposals drew wide support, millions joining local Share Our Wealth clubs. Poised for a presidential bidLong was mortally wounded by a lone assassin in Although Long's movement faded, Roosevelt adopted many of his proposals in the Second New Dealand Louisiana elections would be organized along anti- or pro-Long factions until the s. Long ; and brother, Governor Earl Longamong others. Long king born on August 30,near Summary of the kings speecha small town in north-central Louisianathe seat of See more Parish.

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At Louisiana's convention on secessionthe delegate from Winn voted to remain in the Union saying: "Who tthe to fight to keep the Negroes for the wealthy planters? One of nine children, [5] Long was home schooled until age eleven. In the public system, he earned a reputation as an excellent student with a remarkable memory and convinced his teachers to let him skip seventh grade.]

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