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Byggnaden pryds av persisk kalligrafi. Vatten spelar en stor roll i dessa beskrivningar. Den sida som vetter mot floden saknar mur. Dess valvportar speglar mausoleets valvportar och dess pishtaq valv har samma kalligrafi som pryder graven. Den har bas-reliefer med inlagda pietra dura -blomdekorationer. taj mahal architecture style Taj mahal architecture style

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There are various architectural masterpiece in the world, and if we touch to the wonder there is seven numbers. We have to write in any one so to elaborate all is not required — we will be discussing on the one of the best architectural masterpiece i. This monument show love and affection and it is also said the symbol of love and various people prefer to go to visit this monument after connecting with there better half. Some of the details of Taj Mahal : It is also called as the dream of marble. There is various discussion for love or for the guilt but still it is a hidden mystery for all. For the preparation it is said that 22, workers let themselves involved as themselves for the victory which made pride for India and heritage for the world for long 22 yeas. A Mughal era is celebrate for in the month of Feb.

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Founded by Babur inthe Mughal empire was one of the largest centralized states known in pre-modern world history. Unlike many, Akbar appreciated the diversity of South Asia and beyond. He was known to engage in the study and exploration of various cultural beliefs and practices.

taj mahal architecture style

In order to maintain a diverse outlook, Akbar established a ruling click full of men from a variety of architectyre.

Inwhen Shah Jahan, the grandson of the great Akbar, came into power, the empire was a dominant power house that controlled a vast territory, had unrivaled military power, and tremendous wealth.

taj mahal architecture style

Unlike his father and grandfather, Jahan did not posses the same devotion to inclusive political reign. The Taj Mahal is a tomb that enshrines the remains of the emperor Jahan, and those of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

taj mahal architecture style

This building of great power and majesty is an object of wonder, constructed not only as a monument dedicated to the love magicpoopcannon Emperor Jahan and his wife, but also to symbolize stability, divine power, and the confidence of Shah Jahan and the Mughal Empire. Mostly due to limited academic literature on the Taj Mahal taj mahal architecture style the Mughal Empire as a whole, there is archiecture skewed understanding of the history.

This magnificent structure is an eternal symbol to the artistic and scientific accomplishments of the Mughal Empire. Today, the name Taj Mahal stakes a claim to excellence.


Despite the brilliant labor force that had been previously established in Agra by rulers like Akbar, this ambitious project required further talent. Inconstruction of the magnificent mausoleum began and artists from across Asia united in Agra. The various styles and culture brought to styel construction of the Taj Mahal made it a impressive eclectic creation. This grandeur produced a longing need for excessive extravagance by Shah Jahan.

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From the entrance you catch the first glimpse of the Taj and the gardens enclosed by a large wall. These constructs are direct evidence of how the Architscture city created a paradisiacal garden on earth for the deceased. At the northern end of the garden on top of an enormous rectangular platform sits the Taj Mahal. The main tomb of the Taj is surrounded by four minarets, from which Muslims are called to prayer, on the corners of the podium on taj mahal architecture style the tomb and minarets lay.

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Two red sandstone buildings frame the mausoleum on either side. The building on the west side of the podium is dedicated as a mosque. The purpose of this mosque was to provide a prayer hall for those who visit the tomb for religious purposes and to bring a sense of divinity to the tomb. Throughout the construction of the Taj Taj mahal architecture style an obvious sense of bilateral symmetry can be seen.

The establishment of this large islamic structure is a testament to the religious shift and the overall tan in the empire.]

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