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The battle saratoga

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Originally designed as a battlecruiser , she was converted into one of the Navy's first aircraft carriers during construction to comply with the Washington Naval Treaty of The ship entered service in and was assigned to the Pacific Fleet for her entire career. Saratoga and her sister ship , Lexington , were used to develop and refine carrier tactics in a series of annual exercises before World War II. On more than one occasion these exercises included successful surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor , Hawaii. Shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor , Saratoga was the centerpiece of the unsuccessful American effort to relieve Wake Island and was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine a few weeks later. She was again torpedoed the following month and returned to the Solomon Islands area after repairs were completed. the battle saratoga

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He was already on his way across the Atlantic when the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Kosciuszko arrived in Philadelphia before the end of August, and on the 30th of that month, a petition he wrote was read aloud in Congress. His petition requested that he be assigned to the army of General George Washington. At the time, Kosciuszko was thirty years old, born in Poland in February He was the youngest son of a Polish family of noble background, but of limited wealth. This academy was located in Paris where, for four years, he studied military strategy, fortification, defense, and engineering. Kosciuszko obviously knew Polish very well, but he also spoke French and German and eventually, he learned to speak English.

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the battle saratoga

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the battle saratoga

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the battle saratoga

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