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The big short full movie with subtitles Video

MAN WHO EARNED BILLIONS DURING 2008 FINANCIAL CRISIS -- THE BIG SHORT MOVIE EXPLAINED the big short full movie with subtitles. The big short full movie with subtitles

This one opens with Jackie performing an incredible kata. For the uninitiated — a kata is a series of kicks, blocks and punches aimed at invisible opponents. This one rocks!

the big short full movie with subtitles

They use him, quite literally, as a punching bag. The rest of the story is inevitable. Watching him work out without the distraction of a fight is beauty in motion. The precision of his movements and clean lines are wonderful, like watching a world class ballet dancer rehearse! Watch for him doing stomach crunches with his master sitting on his belly!!

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Despite all these negatives, this is one of his best early works and definitely worth a viewing! Jackie did a great job doing all the fights, and they all looked great. The plot was the same as all of his movies though, Jackie is a weak and beatup student and an master comes along the big short full movie with subtitles teaches him kung-fu; the master ends up getting beaten up by a great kung-fu master; Jackie gets really angry and goes after the other master and fails the first time but beats him the second time; that is the basic plot of all of them.

Good movies, except for the repeated-through-history plot. I wish I lived in a time and place where I could learn kung fu in a matter of minutes. An early Jackie Chan film. The fight choreography was generally well done and well executed. The baddies were very cool and very familiar. I liked the Russian priest.

The film was also very funny. My two favourite scenes were: the one were the old man is helping Jackie fight near the beginning and the scene were Jackie has to grab the bowl from the old man. But with every up, there has to be a down. The sound effects were not in sync maybe it has something to do with the doppler effect and very annoying the cat sounds!?!

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What the hell is up with that? The music seemed like it was from a bad video game, actually some of the music during the fights was kind of frightening.

the big short full movie with subtitles

Overall it is quite good, with some good fights and light-hearted humour. Although I noticed a lot of people got kicked in the balls in the movie. Heh, I thought this movie could be done Star Wars style because of that Star Wars music that they borrow. This movie was great and I loved it. The only cheesy part was the cat hiss.]

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