The colonial present -

the colonial present

Presenter: Glenn Knoblock.

the colonial present

Glenn Knoblock explores the fascinating history of New Hampshire's beer and ale brewing industry from Colonial days, when it was home- and tavern-based, to today's modern breweries and brew pubs. Unusual and rare photos and advertisements document this changing industry and presejt state's earliest brewers, including the renowned Frank Jones.

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A number of lesser-known brewers the colonial present breweries that operated in the state are also discussed, including the only brewery owned and operated by a woman before the modern era. Illustrations present evidence of society's changing attitudes towards beer and alcohol consumption over the years. Whether you're a beer connoisseur or a "tea-totaler", this lecture will be enjoyed by adults of all ages. Registration information will be posted soon.

Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this these programs do not necessarily represent those of the NEH or New Hampshire Humanities. Humanities to Go. Event Details. When: Thursday, May 20, pm.

the colonial present

Hosted By: Whipple Free Library. Contact Info: Allison McGrail Humanities to Go is made possible in part by generous support from.]

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