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See more: Sisterhood: a pact that actually helps women. This practice reffers known as a glass ceiling because, although women have the knowledge and skills to assume management positions in gkass business sectors or, for example, to be university rectors, it is men who almost always assume these positions. When Sandra Vilchis became a floor manager in the production area of a television station, she did not imagine the difficulties she would face as a woman. It was normal for them to be pushed around and when I arrived with another, more respectful attitude, they saw me as being weak for not speaking badly or rudely to them and they assumed they could ignore me. In the public sphere, we can point to very the glass ceiling refers to women who are qualified to reach a certain position. The barriers that impede the progress and mobility of women are based on the idea that women do not fit in a company because they are more passive and emotional, while men are aggressive, determined, and objective.

the glass ceiling refers to

t Behind these stereotypes lies the patriarchal system that permeates societies, and Mexico is no exception. The results showed that increasing female participation in the workforce of these companies would add up to 0. However, less than a third of employees are aware of the relationship between diversity and business performance.

Although 9 out of 10 male and female participants responded that they would like to become top executives, only 3 out of 10 women believed they could achieve it.

What does it mean to have a ‘glass ceiling’?

Read also: Gender parity? Out of countries, only 20 are ruled by women. Women show us every day what ths takes to lead. These inequalities are also reflected in housework, since many women, in addition to fulfilling their professional activities, normally assume the greatest responsibility in raising children and in household chores.

the glass ceiling refers to

Children are raised to fulfill certain roles in which men and women must dress in a certain way, girls in dresses and men in pants; wear certain colors, girls in pink and boys in blue; assume predetermined roles, playing mom or playing superheroes; and do certain chores, learning to cook or learning to repair a car. These roles are perpetuated even at school, as development is guided by gender roles right the way through from preschool to postgraduate level. A female literature teacher also said that women are the ones who have the ability to write and tell stories. The academic from the Department of Educational Guidance and Care at the UNAM has dedicated herself to training high school and undergraduate teachers on how to implement gender equality in the classroom.

She recognized that there is some resistance, mainly from the Law, Medicine, Architecture, and Engineering teachers, which in some cases was due to their rigid or traditional training; they are not very tolerant to change. But there is a more positive response from the glass ceiling refers to teachers to making changes in the way they teach. They get more involved in making those changes.

You may be interested in: 6 women who are changing Mexico through technology. Of click at this pagestudents enrolled at the UNAM, Although more women are studying for a degree, gender roles also reinforce stereotypes, as more women choose degrees such as humanities and social sciences; while in degrees such as Engineering, Mechanics, or Electronics, there are 9 women for every men enrolled. This course is for men.

There has never been a female rector the glass ceiling refers to the UNAM. Entrepreneurship Leadership Science Tech Trends. Newsletter Revista Digital Voces.


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