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The Glass Menagerie Lecture the glass menagerie essay.

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He takes the audience through a hard time in his life. This includes his southern motherAmanda Wingfield, who gave birth to both Tom and his sister Laura. The play revolves around a mother longing to live in the past, a fragile girl who cannot function in society, and an aspiring poet who spends his days working in a warehouse making ends meet for his family.

the glass menagerie essay

Because Amanda is Independent, relentless, and able to settle for less, she is stronger than her fragile daughter, Laura. Amanda is expressing to Laura that she should not acknowledge herself as broken because she is just as capable of getting a husband like anyone else.

the glass menagerie essay

Additionally Amanda portrays the strength to be able to settle for less. Amanda is concerned about how her living conditions are dangerous and that the Landlord should be improving the apartments.

the glass menagerie essay

Amanda is distressed that she is not able to live in the proper conditions that southern belles should be able to live.]

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