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The jungle article the jungle article

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Davis tracks his tour of duty in the Vietnam jungle, leading Marines against the North Vietnamese Army, a well-trained and well-supplied professional army in his new autobiography, " My War in the Jungle: The Long-Delayed Memoir of a Marine Lieutenant in Vietnam —69 " by Archway Publishing.

A Marine rifle platoon commander in Vietnam, Davis shares the realities of the experience for himself, his radioman, his NCOs the jungle article his Marines.

the jungle article

Davis details what it was like to fight a professional army and explains that it was nothing like what people have seen in the movies. The author shares everything: the stress, heat, death and dying, sorrow, regret and anger, and finally looking back to America at the time, and placing the blame squarely where he believes it belongs, on the politicians. the jungle article

the jungle article

Davis Hardcover 5. A year before graduating from college he was faced with getting drafted or getting a commission. He became a Marine officer, like his father, and spent most of a year on the ground as an infantry platoon commander in Vietnam.

the jungle article

Upon returning to the United States, he attended law school, and after many years practicing as a civil trial lawyer, was appointed to the bench as a United States magistrate judge. With unique resources to support books of all kind, Archway Publishing offers junlge specialized approach to help every author reach his or her desired audience.

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