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The origins of jazz - opposite. remarkable

Born in America, jazz can be seen as a reflection of the cultural diversity and individualism of this country. At its core are an openness to all influences and personal expression through improvisation. Throughout its history, jazz has straddled the worlds of popular music and art music, and it has expanded to a point where its styles are so varied that one artist may sound completely unrelated to another. First performed in bars, jazz can now be heard in clubs, concert halls, universities, and large festivals all over the world. New Orleans, Louisiana, around the turn of the 20th century was a melting pot of cultures. A major port city, people from all over the world come together there, and as a result, musicians are exposed to a variety of music. European classical music, American blues, and South American songs and rhythms came together to form what became known as jazz. The origin of the word jazz is widely disputed, although it is thought to have originally been a sexual term. One thing that distinguishes jazz music is its focus on improvisation. Louis Armstrong , a trumpet player from New Orleans and then Chicago, is considered the father of modern jazz improvisation. the origins of jazz

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A History of Jazz

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You are also expected to demonstrate your ability to think independently, critically, and creatively. Rather than simply describing a series of facts and events that are relevant to the prompt, you should develop a thesis that is responsive to the prompt and then go about supporting that thesis by drawing from and discussing course materials. To what extent were such activities related to their experiences as workers in the music industry? To what extent were they influenced by thd social phenomena shaping Black life and contemporaneous social, the origins of jazz, and cultural movements?

Feminism In The Jazz Age

What were the possibilities and limitations of such rebellions? Your answer should offer some discussion of the broader social and political contexts in which the swing movement developed in the s and was transformed in the s. Your answer should be double-spaced, the origins of jazz point font, with page numbers on each page. References must be cited using a recognizable format e. See syllabus for link to information about citations and plagiarism. Ogren will also be useful for prompts 1 and 2.

Pertinence: Does my paper respond to the assignment?

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Reread the essay prompt to be certain. Argument: Do I have a clear thesis statement in my opening paragraph?

the origins of jazz

Is it focused enough to be supported by my evidence? Development: Do the paragraphs that constitute the body of the paper advance my argument?

the origins of jazz

Is their connection to the central argument clear? Do I have clear topic sentences? Do I support my argument with appropriate evidence? Quotations: Are all of my quotations necessary? Do I source introduce them and explain how the information in them is relevant to the argument I am making? Conclusion: Does my conclusion correspond to jwzz claims made in the introduction?

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