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Brought about by an invasion from Vietnam[3] [4] which routed the Khmer Rouge armies, it had Vietnam and the Soviet Union as its main allies. The Cambodian seat at the United Nations was held by the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampucheawhich was the Khmer Rouge in coalition the socialist republic of vietnam two non-communist guerrilla factions.

However, the PRK was considered the de facto government of Cambodia between andalbeit with limited international recognition. Beginning Maythe PRK restored the name Cambodia by renaming the country State of Cambodia SOC during the last four years of its existence in an attempt to attract international sympathy.

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Under Vietnamese control, the PRK was established in the wake of the total destruction of the country's institutions, infrastructure and intelligentsia wreaked by Khmer Rouge rule. Initially, communist North Vietnam was a strong ally of the Khmer Rouge while it was fighting against Lon Nol 's Khmer Republic during the — civil war. Only after the Khmer Rouge took power things began to turn sour, when on 1 May the day after Saigon fellKhmer Rouge the socialist republic of vietnam raided the islands of Phu Quoc and Tho Chaukilling more than five hundred Vietnamese civilians; following the attack, the islands were swiftly recaptured by Hanoi.

Even then, the first reactions of the Vietnamese were ambiguous, and it took Vietnam a long time to react with force, for the first impulse was to arrange matters "within the family sphere". Massacres of ethnic Vietnamese and of their sympathisers, as well as destruction of The socialist republic of vietnam Catholic churches, [8] by the Khmer Rouge took place sporadically in Cambodia under the Democratic Kampuchea regime, especially in the Eastern Zone after May By early the Vietnamese leadership decided to support internal resistance to Pol Pot and the Eastern Zone of Cambodia became a focus of insurrection.

In the meantime, as wore on, Khmer Rouge bellicosity in the border areas surpassed Hanoi's threshold of tolerance.

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War hysteria against Vietnam reached bizarre levels within Democratic Kampuchea as Pol Pot tried to distract attention from bloody inner see more. It appears that the leadership in Phnom Penh was seized with immense territorial ambitions, i. There were now tens of thousands of Cambodian and Vietnamese exiles on Vietnamese territory, and even so Hanoi's response was half-hearted. The Salvation Front was a heterogeneous group of communist vetnam non-communist exiles determined to the socialist republic of vietnam against Pol Pot and rebuild Cambodia. This organisation provided a much-needed rallying point for Cambodian leftists opposed to Khmer Rouge rule, channelling efforts towards positive action instead of empty denunciations of the genocidal regime.]

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