The strange career of jim crow -

The strange career of jim crow - think

Martine Sepion suggested A. Ellis was later revealed as the pseudonym of Derek Lindsay, but the novel remained his only publication. David Goldberg chose it as one of his top ten books in an article in the British Journal of Psychology. Goldberg wrote,. It was important to me because it was the first good description that I had read of the psychological consequences of physical disease, and the frantic activities of those who realise that conventional medicine has failed them and that they are dying. It seemed to me a greater book than The Magic Mountain ; perhaps because it was expressed in an English idiom with which I could identify. the strange career of jim crow

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As a Jew, my friend argued that such a comparison trivialized the horrors of the Nazi regime careef culminated in the Holocaust. But this same individual has not hesitated to join the president of the United States in comparing the recent Georgia voting law to Jim Crow. Anyone who makes such a claim has no idea of what Jim Crow entailed.

the strange career of jim crow

Second only to slavery, the Jim Crow era represents the darkest period in U. Indeed, the racial oppression, segregation, and violence that prevailed throughout the South during the era of Jim Crow in many respects exceeded that of the period of slavery.

At least during slavery, there were free blacks in the South who, while denied most civil rights, were protected by laws that left them free to go about their business unmolested and did not prevent commercial interactions between the races.

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But even after federal protection of blacks in the South was withdrawn following the Compromise ofblacks continued to vote and to hold political office. Vann Woodward writes in The Strange Career of Jim Crowfor a decade, alternate approaches to race relations not involving disenfranchisement, segregation, and violence competed as attempts to address the race problem in the post-Civil War South. Indeed, during this post-Reconstruction period, blacks were making substantial economic, political, and social progress.

This all came to an end with the Jim Crow era, which began the strange career of jim crow the late s. Jim Crow, especially in the decade after World War I, marked the high point of racism, not only in the South but also in the United States at large. Both shared the same intellectual roots and involved the explicit rejection of the principles of the Declaration of Independence. The administration of Woodrow Wilson came adaptive rational expectations foursquare on the side of racism, dismissing most African Americans from the civil service and resegregating those few who remained.

Segregation and repression of African Americans were enforced by the barrel of a rifle or the end of a rope.

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It is a smear and a libel, not worthy of a reasonable person. But yet we have presumably respectable people, including the current occupant of the White House, making that claim. The ludicrous claim that Republicans in Georgia want to reinstate Jim Crow is part of a broader false narrative. It acknowledges the racist past of the Democratic Party and its role in defending slavery and Jim Crow, even the racism of the Progressives like Woodrow Wilson.


But, goes the argument, the parties subsequently changed places. Thus the Party of Lincoln and the Declaration of Independence became the party of racial bigotry. But it is false.

the strange career of jim crow

According to this narrative, white Southerners decamped to the Republicans in response to the civil rights movement of the s. The proof? Any political party that appeals to Southern white voters is racist because Southern whites are by definition irredeemably racist.]

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