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The president directs the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.

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The power of the presidency has grown substantially since its formation, as has the power of the federal as a whole. In contemporary times, the president is also looked upon as one of the world's most powerful political figures as the leader of the only remaining global superpower.

Article II of the Constitution establishes the executive branch of the federal government and vests the executive power in the president. The power includes the execution and enforcement of federal law and the responsibility to appoint federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers. Based on constitutional provisions empowering the president to appoint and receive ambassadors and conclude the twenty-second amendment with foreign powers, and on subsequent laws enacted by Congress, the modern presidency has primary responsibility for conducting U. The role includes responsibility for directing the world's most expensive militarywhich has the second largest nuclear arsenal. The president also plays a leading role in federal legislation and domestic policymaking.

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As part of the system of the twenty-second amendment and balancesArticle I, Section 7 of the Constitution gives the president the power to sign or veto federal legislation. Since modern presidents are also typically viewed as the leaders of their political parties, major policymaking is significantly amenndment by the outcome of presidential elections, with presidents taking an active role in promoting their policy priorities to members of Congress who are often electorally dependent on the president.

The president is elected indirectly through the Electoral College to a four-year term, along with the vice president. Under the Twenty-second Amendmentratified inno person who has been elected to two presidential terms may be elected to a third. In addition, nine vice presidents have the twenty-second amendment president by virtue of a president's intra-term death or resignation. Joe Biden is the 46th and current president of the United States, having assumed office on January 20, In Julyduring the American Revolutionary Warthe Thirteen Coloniesacting jointly amendmet the Second Continental Congressdeclared themselves to be 13 independent sovereign statesno longer under British rule.

the twenty-second amendment

There were long debates on a number of issues, including representation and voting, and the exact powers to be given the central government. Under the Articles, which took effect on March 1,the Congress of the Confederation was a central political authority without any legislative power.

It could make its own resolutions, determinations, and regulations, but not any laws, and could not impose any taxes or enforce local commercial regulations the twenty-second amendment its citizens. The members of Congress elected a president of the United States in Congress Assembled to preside over its deliberation as a neutral discussion moderator.

the twenty-second amendment

Unrelated to and quite dissimilar from the later office of president of the United States, it was a largely ceremonial position without much influence. Inthe Treaty of Paris secured independence for each of the former colonies.]

the twenty-second amendment

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