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It is our duty to make tinker players lives miserable. If the enemy team has picked tinker and you have a counter pick, you should pick Zeus. The lightning god has gotten a bunch of minor buffs recently and it is dead easy to lane 1 v 1 with Zeus vs a Tinker. I am honestly convinced a monkey could be an immortal Tinker player if it was playing Zeus. He is so easy to play if you understand the playstyle you will never have to practice him and can always pull it out vs a Tinker. Laning Going 1 v 1 against tinker as zeus you level lightning bolt first. Go and spam your w on tinker. Zeus has really high base damage so get the denies, you are not playing back and using arc lightning to get CS you are playing aggressive with lightning bolt and auto attacking tinker and zoning him. Zeus will destroy tinker and there is basically nothing tinker can do because you have more nuke damage than him. Time your lightning bolts to hit tinker when he wants to go for a CS to make him miss them if you are blinded by laser. tinker.vs

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Official US Trailer tinker.vs

Bought from Panda Chen during quarantine so took a while to come. I actually ordered these along with the anniversary reds and decided to keep the anni reds. Take these for a steal and tinker.vs them come to you in 3 days min. My black pair tinker.vs the same seller have been used by me for over two years and are still going tunker.vs.


Pretty sick and tinker.vs design while the color is really eye popping IMO. If your a Came with StockX tag and box which I discarded and these shoes have only been worn less than 5 times. The le.]


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