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Jonathan Boughton, left, with his older brother, Connor, on a snowmobiling trip in New Hampshire, Jan. Jonathan Boughton, an year-old North Branford resident who died in a crash in March, is pictured here on a snowmobiling trip he took with his father that same month. His parents, who have set up a scholarship fund in his honor, are sharing memories of him - his smile, his hugs, his hunger to learn how the world worked, his brilliance in mechanics and his plan to take over the family auto shop. He hated sitting still, and rarely watched TV. At age 12, after a neighbor gave the Boughtons a broken-down go-kart, Jonathan Boughton bought a motor and got the vehicle to work, according to his father. Jonathan Boughton was the youngest of three boys. Edward Boughton III, his oldest brother, said they cleared some brush in the backyard to make a racetrack. As children, Boughton Jr. According to his family, he was always salvaging items off the side of the road, from computer monitors to car parts, to fix up and sell. to honor something.

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Honor, this is a word that does not seem to be honod very often anymore. What does honor mean? Honor means to regard with great respect. So, when here honor someone, you are showing them respect. We are supposed to show honor to everyone, even if they deserve it or not.

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Love your neighbor as you love yourself. You can do this in several ways. Acknowledge how much you appreciate them, thank a friend for just being them.

to honor something

Find out birthdays of and give them a birthday card. Hand-write a thank you note or send an email to someone. Give someone a small gift to just show that you care. Make a point to be overly courteous to people that you deal with daily, the teller at the bank or even the order taker in the drive-thru window.

When you show someone to honor, you lift them up, to honor something inspire them, and you encourage them.

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You are showing them that you care and that they are important to you. When you encourage someone else, their self-esteem grows and therefore, they may have the courage to achieve great things.

to honor something

You will earn the honor, when you honor others. Source is not always the one you honor that honors you back. If you are in an abusive situation, sometimes showing honor to that person, is just to honor something them for who they are and not having contact with them.

One of the Ten Commandments is to honor thy father and thy mother.

to honor something

If you came from an abusive home, it is ok to set limits, you do not have to live with the abuse. You can honor them, by just accepting who they are and moving on with your life. Honoring others is something that everyone can do.]

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