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Five myths about security clearances By Garrett M. Here are some of the most common misunderstandings. Myth No. The way the government secures information might be better likened to a tree, with a main trunk branching into ever-smaller limbs, boughs and twigs, each more restrictive, less known and more tightly held than the last. Commenting on Brennan and Clapper, Sanders suggested that Trump wanted to pull their clearances because of their partisan criticism. Rand Paul, R-Ky. What is this? Indeed, high-ranking officials can often keep their clearances effectively for life, as long as they pass the routine reinvestigations, because agencies believe they serve as important keepers of institutional memory, providing advice and counsel to current employees. top secret codeword

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I could tell from the time he sat down the attention was unwanted," Crossan said of an incident that took place the weekend of April He said one of the women then went inside the restroom, where she saw the codeword written on the door with instructions on how to use it, brought it up in a sentence to Crossan. This is the first time the word has been used since the opening of the brewhouse in August The brewhouse posted about that incident on its Facebook page , writing that under zero circumstances will that be allowed. The staff said it has since gained a reaction from people all the way in South Africa and Canada. As of Monday, the post has received more than 2, reactions, shares, and almost comments. They will be adding phone numbers in restrooms for anyone who might need help with mental health. In addition, staff from the brewery - which has a self-pour wall - has been trained to check in with their customers after every 32 ounces consumed. We're operating on the right side of the curb. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

I'll come back on that main story later. Here we will take a look at a remarkable detail from two slides that were also disclosed in the Post's article. The classification marking of these slides contains the codeword UMBRA, which was generally considered to be abolished inbut now seems to be still in use.


top secret codeword

He was captured in Abbottabad the day after this presentation was finalized. But as this manual also lists many revoked codewords, it is not conclusive about wether UMBRA is still used.

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From then on, the kind of information they were used for, had now to be protected by the general COMINT control go here, or by specific compartments thereof for more sensitive information. STRAP top secret codeword the codeword that GCHQ uses to protect sensitive information, with STRAP1 denoting the least sensitive category: Given the rather old-fashioned logo-type of the letters SD, it's not quite clear whether the document, or at least the header might predatealthough the content is clearly from more recent years. Der Spiegel said that it's an "analysis of the communication paths between Belgium and Africa prepared in January ". Possible options NSA using codewords that were generally considered abolished, reminds of a similar case in which the NOCON marking appeared top secret codeword a document from the Snowden-trove.

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The general use of that marking was terminated inbut NSA kept using it as an internal top secret codeword. As such it isn't listed in the official Classification Manuals, which coreword declassified regularly. Another option is that there should have been just a single slash between both terms. The latter option seems very well possible, because the most recent Intelligence Community Classification Manual pdf acknowledges the existance of "registered but unpublished SCI control systems" which "must remain unpublished due to sensitivity and restrictive access controls".

top secret codeword

Questions Given this sensitivity, one wonders why in top secret codeword orange classification bars of the slides UMBRA hasn't been blacked out. The overall classification line in the first slide and also most of the portion markings were fully redacted, although the latter can hardly contain something that is more sensitive than the UMBRA abbreviation. Another question is whether Edward Snowden had authorized access to the UMBRA compartment, or that he was codewkrd to just grab these slides otherwise.

top secret codeword

Conclusion For those who are somehow familiar with the US classification systemit must be quite surprising to see a codeword that has been considered dead for 15 years popping up from the Snowden-leaks.]

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