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The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, March 25 1911, from 1989 video Those Who Know Don’t Tell

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Working Conditions in The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory It was a true sweatshop, employing young immigrant women who worked in a cramped space at lines of sewing machines. Nearly all the workers were teenaged girls who did not speak English and worked 12 hours a day, every day. Amid the national scandal that followed the Triangle shirtwaist fire and resounding calls for change, New York State enacted many of the first significant worker protection laws. On Saturday, Ma, a fire broke out on the top floors of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. Trapped inside because the owners had locked the fire escape exit doors, workers jumped to their deaths. Triangle shirtwaist fire cause

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When fire broke out on March 25, , employees on the tenth floor were alerted by phone and escaped by climbing onto the roof and down a fire escape. For the girls working on the eighth and ninth floors though, there was no warning — and no way out. The doors had been locked to prevent them from leaving before the end of their shift. Trapped in an inferno, the young women broke windows and leapt to their death rather than suffer the flames. The incident caused an uproar throughout the country and provoked the passage of safety legislation and better conditions for workers, and is seen as one of the most significant events in the history of labour relations in the United States. Featured Posts. triangle shirtwaist fire cause

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During an uncannily rigid, yet sunny, March triangle shirtwaist fire cause, the heart of the West Village was warmed up by the embrace of a city that has not forgotten the price paid by the garment workers who perished year ago in the deadly Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

Many of the rights that workers enjoy today, in fact, were sparked by that horrific event, which paved the way for worker protection laws. On the eighth floor of what was once called the Asch building, purple banners were hanging from the windowsills.

triangle shirtwaist fire cause

Those were the windows from which dozens of female workers, aged 14 to 25, mostly Italian and Jewish immigrants, were forced to jump out of in order to escape the gruesome fire. A century later, family members, union leaders, activists, students and common citizens flooded the streets below to remember the innocent victims, but also to recommit to a safe, decorous and protected future for all workers.


The morning began with a procession from Union Square to the site of the fire, the corner between Green Street and Washington Place. Most compelling were the handmade blouses with the names cuse the young workers who perished in the fire, which attached on long bamboo sticks waved in the cold New York wind.

triangle shirtwaist fire cause

She spoke of the owners of the factory who escaped to safety without notifying anybody in the building about the fire, and who later were also able to dribble the manslaughter charges. Despite the enormous progress made since the Triangle factory fire, we are still fighting to provide adequate working conditions for all women and men on the job, ensure no person within our borders is exploited for their labor, and uphold collective bargaining as a tool to give triangl a seat at the tables of power. Working Americans are the backbone of our communities and power the engine trianglle our economy. As we mark the anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, let us resolve to renew the urgency that tragedy inspired and recommit to our triangle shirtwaist fire cause responsibility to provide a safe environment for all American workers. Every speaker hinted at the perilous siege that laborers and unions are undergoing in recent days. Many acknowledged directly the disgraceful ransack of collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin triangle shirtwaist fire cause at the hands of Governor Scott Walker.

triangle shirtwaist fire cause

Senior Senator of the State of New York, Democrat Chuck Schumera leading voice for the rights of working people on the national stage, recalled how the year before the deadly blaze those same women had marched for their rights, joining fellow garment workers in a city wide strike. America, however, was not ready to listen. The crowd present did not offer an equal see more to City Mayor Michael Bloomberg triangle shirtwaist fire cause was hassled during his entire speech, his voice overpowered by chorus such as "tax the rich" and "don't touch our teachers.

He spoke of the remarkable and continuous sacrifice of the most committed civil servants of the city, fire fighters. An FDNY truck slowly raised its ladder to the 6th floor, the highest point it could reach in ]

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