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Comment Warning: contains a preview for Justice League 60! DC Comics just revealed a dark truth about Black Adam and Superman 's powers, putting both the magical antihero and the Man of Steel into a different context as the Justice League faces a huge new threat. While Black Adam, aka Teth-Adam, has previously been an antagonistic force to DC's heroes, he's taking on a new role in the revamped Justice League, with Superman eager to believe the ruler of Kahndaq has turned over a new leaf. Though empowered by magic, Black Adam is one of the few beings whose invulnerability is a match for Superman's , leading to an uncomfortable detail about the threat posed by their latest villain. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Start now Justice League 59 - which introduced the new creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez - saw the League go up against Brutus, a super-villain from a newly discovered reality who is more powerful than Superman. Brutus is from the home reality of Naomi McDuffie, a young hero who was sent to Earth to escape a dystopian society where warring super-beings tore down civilization in their battle for power. Superman quickly arrives on the scene, dragging Black Adam away from Naomi and her friends since - despite discovering Teth-Adam's new heroic bent in Infinite Frontier 0 - he still doesn't quite trust the former villain. While Black Adam doesn't appreciate being man-handled, the two quickly begin a dialogue, with the ruler of Kahndaq correctly guessing that he and Superman are on the same kind of fact-finding mission. It's here that Black Adam casually drops a dark truth about he and Superman's invulnerability, saying, "My country has been threatened and the next attack promises to be devastating.

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Facts matter and misinformation can have devastating real-world impacts. This is as true in the African bush as it is in the US Capitol. That is why we are deeply concerned when we read overt misinformation about trophy hunting, such as in the opinion pieces by photographer Cyril Christo. Trophy hunting is an emotive and polarizing issue ripe for misinformation. Much of the discussion on both sides occurs in echo chambers, where falsehoods and half-truths are shared and perpetuated. Misinformation can eventually make its way into policy debates, as it has in the US Congress , the California state legislature and the UK Parliament. Just as with anti-vaccine falsehoods and climate-change denial, these misinformation campaigns must be called out for the significant harm they do. These are not unique to him—they are commonly spread by anti-hunting groups. truth about hunting Truth about hunting

The driver had spotted a rare creature in Adair County, a deer! Today, without hunters and predators to keep their numbers in check, deer can become unhealthy and major nuisances.

truth about hunting

He says the same has become so with the Sandhill Cranes. Their return has been thanks to the Kentucky Fish and WIldlife, which is responsible for the enjoyment of a greater abundance of wildlife today.]

truth about hunting

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