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Twelfth night quick summary

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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare - Summary \u0026 Analysis twelfth night quick summary.


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twelfth night quick summary

How to resolve AdBlock issue? The Capital Digital Edition. The Bard is a title bestowed on William Shakespeare as one of the greatest poets and dramatists of the Western world.

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This year Bard's Backyard features "Twelfth Night" set in the 's and is a comedy of mistaken identity, love triangles, and witty jabs at the powerful. Pretty much standard Shakespeare fare. It is directed by Eric Forbes twelfhh features a great variety of community acting veterans and first-timers. There are three great things to love about this show: 1 It's witty and irreverent in a way that'll have you quickly laughing, 2 It's done by dedicated volunteer actors and crew who do it for the love of theatre, and 3 it's by donation! So come out to the Arts Academy backyard twelfth night quick summary bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, bug-spray and blankets to take in some classic theatre under an open sky.

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If it rains the show will be moved into the Arts Academy. To give you a head start here's a short summary of the twelfth night quick summary itself:. He cannot have her because she is in mourning for her dead brother and refuses to entertain any proposals of marriage.

Meanwhile, off the coast, a storm has caused a terrible shipwreck. A young, aristocratic-born woman named Viola is swept twelfth night quick summary the Illyrian shore. Finding herself alone in a strange land, she assumes that her twin brother, Sebastian, has been drowned in the wreck, and tries to figure out what sort of work she can do. A friendly sea captain tells her about Orsino's courtship of Olivia, and Viola says that she wishes go here could go to work in Olivia's home.

But since Lady Olivia refuses to talk with any strangers, Viola decides that she cannot look for work with her.

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Instead, she decides to disguise herself as a man, taking on the name of Cesario, and goes to work in article source household of Duke Orsino. Viola disguised as Cesario quickly becomes a twelfth night quick summary of Orsino, who makes Cesario his page. Viola finds herself falling in love with Orsino—a difficult love to pursue, as Orsino believes her to be a man. But when Orsino sends Cesario to deliver Orsino's love messages to the disdainful Olivia, Olivia herself falls for the beautiful young Cesario, believing her to be a man. The love triangle is complete: Viola loves Orsino, Orsino loves Twelfth night quick summary, and Olivia loves Cesario—and everyone is miserable.

Meanwhile, we meet the other members of Olivia's household: her rowdy drunkard of an uncle, Sir Toby; his foolish friend, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, who is trying in his hopeless way to court Olivia; Olivia's witty and pretty waiting-gentlewoman, Maria; Feste, the clever clown of the house; and Malvolio, the dour, prudish steward of Olivia's household.

twelfth night quick summary

When Sir Toby and the others take offense at Malvolio's constant efforts to spoil their fun, Maria engineers a practical joke to make Malvolio think that Olivia is in love with him. Malvolio finds the letter, assumes that it is addressed to him, and, filled with dreams of marrying Olivia and becoming noble himself, happily follows its commands.]

twelfth night quick summary

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