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united kingdom gun control


The U. There has been more than 2, contrpl shootings in the U. Why is America home to so many shootings? There are many factors that contribute to the constant gun violence that takes place in the U. One factor is that the U. America also has the most civilian owned firearms in the world.

united kingdom gun control

Many gun owners within the U. Countries like the United Kingdom have more restrictions on gun laws than the United kingdom gun control. Since the restrictions took place in the U. I think there is a bending of morals and values when it comes to mass shootings because the perpetrators are normally full of hatred or another mental hyper fixation. Studies have found that states within the U.

America has six times as many firearm homicides then Canada, and almost 16 times as many as Germany.

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Homicides are not the only problem when it comes to gun violence, the easy access to firearms increases the risk of suicides as well. As the media focuses solely on murders and mass shootings when it comes to gun violence, most of the gun related deaths in the U. Many citizens do not want to lose their rights to own and use firearms in the U.

With mass shootings happening often enough throughout a year, there is going to need to be some sort of united kingdom gun control within the country to help create a safer environment for us to live in.

united kingdom gun control

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