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wage gap is not a myth Wage gap is not a myth

Wage gap is not a myth Video


Wage gap is not a myth - you tell

This is the finding of a recent large-scale review study that looked at the most effective ways to address gender differences in negotiation, scouring both academic research and workplace policy outcomes. It found that women do best at negotiating when left to their own instincts. This is, uh, not what we womenfolk have been told for the last decade or so. Being more assertive in negotiations does not usually work for women. In practice, this could damage work relationships and credibility. They experience a lot more backlash. So making women behave like men is not the solution to reducing the gender gap. Women do successfully negotiate when a potential gain is to be had, and women usually know when their situations can be improved upon. Then read some more, about your industry and norms.

Political commentator Dennis Prager courted controversy after claiming that the gender pay gap is a myth.

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wage gap is not a myth

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wage gap is not a myth

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