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Walmart is signaling its commitment to autonomous deliveries with a new investment in self-driving company Cruise. The two already have a cozy relationship, having recently worked together on a delivery pilot in Scottsdale, Arizona. The investment will see Cruise become an important part of the retailer's "last mile delivery ecosystem" — industry parlance for the final journey from warehouse to customer. Walmart has struck additional partnerships on driverless deliveries with companies including Google's Waymo , Ford and Udelv. Most of these involve limited trials, but Walmart is adamant that autonomous vehicles will play a bigger part in retail. Walmart's decision arrives just months after it announced its membership program, Walmart Plus , in a bid to rival Amazon Prime. Walmart debt ratio

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walmart debt ratio

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walmart debt ratio

Debt ratios help investors analyze a company's ability to pay the principal and interest walmart debt ratio its outstanding debt. The ratios reveal how a company finances its asset purchases and its ability to withstand economic turbulence. They also indicate whether the company is using debt responsibly to grow its business or if it is relying excessively on debt to meet core obligations.

Is It Worth Investing in Walmart Inc. (NYSE :WMT) Right Now?

The latter could imply there is trouble looming in the near future. Certain debt ratios should be compared to benchmarks while others are more subjective and are better compared to the ratios of industry peers and the broader market.

walmart debt ratio

For a large-cap retailer such as Walmart WMTthe most reliable debt ratios to evaluate are the debt-to-equity ratio, interest coverage ratio, and cash flow-to-debt ratio.]

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