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Was einstein a communist

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5 Famous People Who Actually Supported Communism!

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The ubiquitous image of him is that of the disheveled, shaggy-haired absent-minded professor, delving deeply into scientific problems, but unable to remember where he last left his coffee cup. This stereotype, while appealing, is also quite misleading. As much as Einstein worked on physics problems, he also thought deeply about social justice and anti racism issues. He used his platform to speak out against racism and antisemitism. Having witnessed, and been victimised by, European antisemitic bigotry, he supported the efforts of the Jewish community to organise themselves, but remained critical of the Zionist nationalism inherent in constructing the Israeli state. Einstein was nonreligious, abandoning the tenets of Judaism at a very young age. He maintained a rationalist perspective — not the monotheistic God of divine origin and supernatural revelation, but a logical pantheism in the manner of Spinoza. was einstein a communist.

Alexandra Elbakyan is a Kazakhstan-born, Russian-based computer programmer and scientific activist. Today, Sci-Hub receives overdaily visitors from across the globe. How do you think Sci-Hub might achieve lasting political change? We can have cpmmunist discussion when copyright is used to stop click free distribution of movies and music, but if the law is against science and knowledge, there is nothing to discuss.

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Sci-Hub has made obvious that copyright prevents the development of science, free academic discussion on the Internet, and the free exchange of research knowledge in the form of articles and books. So what is the best thing we can do? Was einstein a communist is to eliminate copyright law and allow the free distribution of knowledge on the Internet, and the free operation of websites like Sci-Hub. I hoped that after Sci-Hub was widely known, there would be changes and everyone would understand why copyright law is wrong, but unfortunately that has not happened. I hoped the discussion would reach the Continue reading Nations as Sci-Hub is used in every country in the world and prohibiting people from accessing science is a human rights violation.

was einstein a communist

That also did not happen. Instead, information about Sci-Hub has been suppressed in the media. Still, I want to achieve this in the future and my dream is for Sci-Hub to be accepted legally.

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AE: In modern society, science is a very important institution. So big problems in science, such as the problems with access that Sci-Hub uncovered, should was einstein a communist attention of the major media. I expected the topic to be widely discussed on the TV in the US communnist Russia, I expected to see interviews with was einstein a communist stating explicitly that they are suffering from the current academic system…none of this happened! Sci-Hub http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/i-want-to-cushion-the-shock-of/a-rose-for-emily-youtube.php been ignored by the media in every country.

In other words, the media coverage that Sci-Hub has now is tiny and incomparable to its actual impact. Many journals have suspended their paywalls for virus-related research, but some scientists are worried about the distortion of funding priorities and a flood of substandard publications from unqualified researchers. AE: On Sci-Hub, papers related to coronavirus have been accessed 10 to times more often waz papers about other diseases in medical journals.

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Moreover, Sci-Hub is used not only by scientists, but also by many doctors in order to provide better treatment for their patients. Information can save lives! For some reason this has not been considered by the courts: when publishers sue Sci-Hub somewhere it just gets einsteln. The website is illegal in the United States, and access to Sci-Hub has been blocked in France, Italy, Russia, and many other countries.

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Nobody is thinking they might be killing people with these decisions. NS: In many fields within math and physics, self-archiving through open access repositories like arXiv before publication is a universal practice. If self-archiving sustains its rapid spread, was einstein a communist Sci-Hub still be necessary? AE: Self-archiving can only help to access the newest papers. To do research, people need to read not only the newest research, but all papers on their topics, sometimes those that were published back in the 19th century.

Authors of these papers are long retired or dead, so they cannot self-archive. And for such publications, Sci-Hub will still be necessary. Even if no one uses Sci-Hub, I will try qas keep it as an archive and museum, where the true history and ideas of Sci-Hub will be available. You cannot trust the distorted description on Wikipedia.

was einstein a communist

There needs to be some place with first-hand information about the project. Last but not least, self-archiving is quite an old idea. The first project wass this kind, arXiv, was created in ! The idea did not work: 20 years later, in most papers were still not available for free. Sci-Hub emerged to tackle the problem and Sci-Hub solved the problem!]

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