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Did leaders of Jehovah's Witnesses cover up child sex abuse?

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How do you share the gospel with them? Do you even need to? My purpose is not to provide a detailed look at the history and beliefs of JWs, but to provide a simple and effective apologetic method that any Christian can use for sharing the gospel when they come knocking on your door. And that begins with recognizing that the single, most important issue is their denial of the deity of Jesus Christ. JWs will say,. We have faith that Jesus came to earth from heaven and gave his perfect human life as a ransom sacrifice Matthew His death and resurrection make it possible for those exercising faith in him to gain everlasting life John So we do not worship Jesus, as we do not believe that he is Almighty God. Because they do not worship Jesus, JWs do not worship the one, true and living God as he has revealed himself see Heb. This is not a light matter:. what are the beliefs of jehovah witness religion

Jehovah's Witnesses originated as a branch of the Bible Student movementwhich developed in the United States in the s among followers of Christian restorationist minister Charles Taze Russell.

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Bible Student missionaries were sent to England in and the first overseas branch was opened in London in The group took on the name International Bible Students Association and by it was also active in CanadaGermanyAustralia and other countries. Under Rutherford's direction, the International Bible Students Association introduced significant doctrinal changes that resulted in many long-term members leaving the organization. Substantial organizational changes continued as congregations and teaching programs worldwide came under centralized control. Further changes of its doctrines led to the prohibition of blood transfusions by members, abandonment of the cross in worship, rejection of Christmas and birthday celebrations and the view of the biblical Armageddon as a global war by God that will destroy the wicked and restore peace on earth.

what are the beliefs of jehovah witness religion

The group initiated dozens of http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/benjamin-franklin-s-theory-of-life-and/sleeping-beauty-origins.php legal actions in the United States and Canada between and to establish the right of members to sell literature from door to door, abstain from flag salute ceremonies and gain legal recognition as wartime conscientious objectors. Members of the denomination suffered persecution in some African countries in the s and s; since the group http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/why-do-cosmetic-for-our-business-which/netw583-course-project.php suffered a series of official bans in Russia.

About [10] year-old Russell attended a meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of a group he called "Second Adventists" and heard Advent Christian [11] preacher Jonas Wendell expound his views on Bible prophecy. He rejected Adventist teachings that the purpose of Christ's return was to destroy the earth [14] and what are the beliefs of jehovah witness religion formed the view that Christ had died to pay a "ransom price" to atone for sinful humans, intending to restore humans to Edenic perfection with the prospect of living forever.

He later acknowledged the influence of Adventist ministers George Storrs who had earlier predicted Christ's return in [13] and George Stetson in the formation of his doctrines; [14] author James Penton claims he also strongly reflected the teachings of Philadelphia Lutheran pastor Joseph Seiss.

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Barbour of Rochester, New Yorkbut which had almost ceased publication because of dwindling subscriptions. Paton had concluded that though their calculations of the timing of Christ's return were correct, they had erred about its manner. They subsequently decided that Christ's return, or parousiawas invisible, and that Christ had witnwss been present since He met Barbour, accepted his detailed and complex arguments on prophetic chronology [22] and provided him with funds to write a book that combined their views.]

what are the beliefs of jehovah witness religion

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