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What caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials - situation familiar

Abigail Williams is mostly responsible for the Salem witch trials because she was the first person to start accusing innocent people of witchcraft. Abigail is a mean and vindictive people who make the wrong decisions, and hurts anyone to get what she wants; John Proctor. Her faults are quite obvious, she does deserve the blame for the outcome of the play. She really hope Elizabeth die, if Elizabeth died, she will be the only lover for John. They were swayed by her persuasiveness and were utterly convinced that they were actually being tormented by witches in town. Abigail is the antagonist of the play. She stands opposed to John Proctor, even though she claims to love him and want to be with him. Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft and makes up lies that send both Proctors to jail, and John to his death. what caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials. What caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials

What caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials Video

The Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692) - A Witch-Hunt in Massachusetts

They started in the territory around the city in and evapourated in As so often with the mass trials of sorcery, the victims soon counted people from all society, including nobles, councilmen and mayors.

what caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials

In the s, with the destruction of Protestantism in Bohemia and the Electorate of the Palatinatethe Catholic reconquest of Germany was resumed. Inwith the Edict of Restitutionits basis seemed complete.

what caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials

Those same years saw, in central Europe at least, the worst of all witch-persecutions, the climax of the European craze. Many of the witch-trials of the s multiplied with the Catholic reconquest.

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In some areas the lord or bishop was the ghe, in others the Jesuits. Sometimes local witch-committees were set up to further the work. The years —29 were dreadful years in Baden, recently reconquered for Catholicism by Tilly: there were 70 victims in Ortenau, 79 in Offenburg. At Reichertshofenin the district of Neuburg an der Donau50 were executed between November and August In the three prince-archbishoprics of the Rhineland the fires were also relit.

In Mainztoo, the burnings were renewed. At Cologne the City Fathers had always been merciful, much to the annoyance of the prince-archbishop, but in he was able to put pressure on the city and it gave in. Naturally enough, the persecution raged most violently in Bonnhis own capital.

There the chancellor and his wife and the archbishop's secretary's wife were executed, children of three and four yrials were accused of having devils for their paramours, and students and small boys of noble birth were sent to the bonfire.

Salem Witch Trial Essay

Already in —, there had been a first wave of witch trials in the city, and an isolated witch trial inwhich gave way to the great hysteria in As to the affair of the witches, which Your Grace thinks brought to an end before this, it has started up afresh, and no words can do justice to it. Ah, the woe and the misery of it--there are still four hundred in the city, high and tye, of every rank and sex, nay, even clerics, so strongly accused that they may be arrested at any hour.

It is true that, of the people of my Gracious Prince here, some out of all offices and faculties must be executed: clerics, electoral councilors and doctors, city officials, court assessors, several of whom Your Grace knows.]

what caused the hysteria of the salem witch trials

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