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This way of life covers a myriad of approaches and ethos you can use. When you start your journey, you may hear the term Seva now and then. Within this guide, we will take a look at what it means and how you can adopt it. For example, you may help the people around you, offer your services to a charitable organization, or simply adopt an altruistic approach to life. All of the above is a part of Seva. What is a selfless person what is a selfless person

A new person presents himself. This seeker's case is no different to any that have come before him in search of a cure. The diagnosis is one of 'Mistaken Identity'. The patient's condition is a universal one. He is suffering from 'Chronic Illusion'. He does not know that he is unborn. As the embodiment of Ultimate Truth, the Master, is also a debunker who knows what must be done. Wasting no time, he gets to work.

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With the skill and precision of a top surgeon, the Master commences the operation. Every day, he operates on these 'patients'. A few of them are minor ops, but what is required for most, is intensive treatment, a major overhaul. He makes a couple of incisions, cutting into the 'body' placed before him, then, without further hesitation, he penetrates the numerous layers of body-knowledge, until reaching the heart of the matter, the source of the disease. Deep-rooted values and attachments are thrown out, whether they be intellectual, egoistic, personal, social, familial, ethical, experiential, spiritual, etc. Theoretical knowledge, and knowledge from books, including the different philosophies and religions of the world, etc, are all chucked into the dumpster, and made ready for the dissolution what is a selfless person.

Spirituality in all its myriad forms is brought under the spotlight.


He challenges the validity of all the ideas, preconceptions, and everything that has been learned from childhood till today. In its totality, all that is 'known', is 'body-knowledge', and 'body-related knowledge'. This is the diagnosis given by the physician, to the latest patient. He answers: "The purpose of spirituality is to know yourself in a real sense, to erase illusion, and dissolve all body-knowledge. At present, you know yourself only in the body-form. This is not your Identity. All that is perceivable and conceivable, selflfss things that are usually accepted and considered as puritan literature accepted norms, are brought under scrutiny and dissected.

What is Seva ‘Selfless Service’?

He thus explodes the myth of body-identity, sense of self, and perception of the world. In fact, he systematically challenges and quashes the constructs of reality and self-image to their very core.

what is a selfless person

He offers initiation to this Sampradaya. Ramakant Sawant was brought up in rural Phondaghat, Gadgesakhal Wadi. Inhe attended the prestigious establishment of Elphinstone College, Bombay, at the behest of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

what is a selfless person

Following this, he graduated from Bombay University inM. A in History and Politics. He worked in banking, in the Legal Department, from until his retirement as Manager in They have two sons. From then on he attended faithfully, and listened to Nisargadatta Maharaj's discourses regularly.


He was present at his Master's Mahasamadhi on 8th September During the last decade or so, at Ranjit Ashram in Nashik Road, Nashik, MaharashtraSriamakant Maharaj has been introducing students, disciples and devotees from around the world to these teachings and initiating them into the Inchegiri Navnath Sampradaya Lineage. About his life, Maharaj says, "I know my past and where I have come from. I am a miracle. All thanks to my Master, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj". The book, I Am That,Ed.]

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