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what is exchange theory

Looked it up, and - surprise - loads of references to open chords on guitar which use open strings! Good example from computer standards: some years ago people wanted to name for some language Real-Time Fortran I think but it could have been Real-Time Algol or whatever and hteory needed some synchronization marks; these was a long word and its translates into other languages were hard to pronounce in some cases.

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They decided to say "bone marks" because everyone could say "bone" or source and it was short and could be changed in the revision. Never revised, bone marks became the standardized ter, — ttw Apr 13 at Add a comment 3 Any chord remains the same chord regardless the order or position of its notes.

So A-C-E is always A minor -- and thus the iv theogy in this context -- no matter what pitch what is exchange theory on the bottom, middle, or top. As long as the only pitches involved are A-C-E, it's A minor.

exchange theory

The inversion of the chord is determined by the lowest pitch. In the case of A minor, A being on the bottom is root position, C on the bottom is first inversion, and E being on the bottom is second inversion. Thus, all of the iv chords indicated are A minor in root position -- the A always being the lowest pitch. When analyzing a chord, all parts -- here, both right and left hand -- must be considered.

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Were we to ignore the left hand and consider only the right hand, then the chord inversion changes. The right hand plays the chord in various configurations: second inversion, root position, and first inversion, respectively. However, because the left-hand note is A in every case, they are each exchanve root position.]

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