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What makes an electromagnet stronger Video

Factors That Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet (F5 C3 L28 V02) what makes an electromagnet stronger What makes an electromagnet stronger

Increase Winding Count

Imagine some not magnetic pipe plasticwith a rod in the middle. Wrap a jumper cable all the way around with positive and negative hanging off either end. Pop either end of your jumper cables onto a battery and an electric field shoots instantly through the cable from the negative eletromagnet the positive.

what makes an electromagnet stronger

At the same time, the magnetic fields around the wire overlap in the middle and link the rod out the top just launching it far away. Putting the rod back, electomagnet swapping the sides of the cable in a way just turning the pipe upside down launches the rod into the ground.

what makes an electromagnet stronger

It just stays stuck until the power is turned off or reversed. There are a lot of ways to stop a solenoid from launching but I thought just running into the pipe was the most ELI5.

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This rod can be used to push and pull objects, gases, or whatever depending on the parts. I personally have used small ones to make an Arduino push buttons on remotes but remain modular. Sronger are so small and have so little force that they do impact the pipe with a little bit of padding.]

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