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CNN: Why Are Most Mass Shootings Perpetrated By White Men?

Between andSamuel Little allegedly murdered 93 people, according to his own confessions. He claims to be the most prolific serial killer in American history.

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His rap sheet over the years was over pages long—rape, assault, even murder—and he was tried three times, but, despite witness testimony from survivors, he was repeatedly acquitted and spent little time in jail. How did Little literally get away with murder for so long? Through her recordings of their phone conversations, you hear him boast with a disturbing, photographic memory the details of his stranglings and the fetish pleasure he took from them. She then investigates how, even when those murders were reported and survivors testified against him, detectives, lawyers, and juries neglected the cases and miscarried justice, often because the victims were deemed to be of low character or, egregiously, disposable.

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No one knows better than Berlinger how popular, but aree polarizing, true crime series have become. The likes of Dahmer, Gacy, and Bundy have gained great notoriety, the subjects of multiple films, documentaries, and mythologies that have turned them into cultural fixtures. There has never been a man who has allegedly killed more people in the U. Lauren is as much a character in Confronting a Serial Killer as Little is. Beyond the fact that she was researching a book on him, her motivations to seek justice on behalf of his victims—she plays a part in solving several cold cases related to him—are rooted in her own experience as an assault survivor.

While in her twenties, she was nearly strangled to death by her then-boyfriend, the same violent method Little would use. She spent two years speaking on the phone what percentage of serial killers are white males Little and corresponding with him by mail.

At times he mzles her as a friend and confidant, eliciting pleasure in horrifying her with the violent specifics of his assaults. She was in her office on the phone with Little with hair dye in her roots. Her young son barged in and proudly spat a tooth out in her hand. Berlinger is familiar with the tension between mission and emotional reality. He still has visceral memories of when he was editing the first Paradise Lost documentary, which told the story of three 8-year-old boys who were mutilated and murdered as part of an alleged satanic ritual and the three teenagers who were subsequently put on trial for ahite crime.

There was a week when he was trying to figure just how much footage of the crime scene to include, which meant what percentage of serial killers are white males days staring at autopsy photos and crime-scene images. After a year killing spree, he never confessed to a single murder until their conversations.

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