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How did you feel winning the Golden Bear at the online festival, without the audience and the red carpet?

when in rome mari evans analysis

Ada Solomon: It was amazing. AS: Of course, it was strange. But there was also some kind of connection that was even more extended, because I have the impression that for instance the press was much more present.

when in rome mari evans analysis

We have just made the wrap-up of the press that we received, and we had over main articles about the film during the Berlinale. Ankica Juric Tilic: We are so much looking forward to seeing the film together with the anakysis and with all co-producers in the same theatre in June.

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And then as soon as you meet the audience in the theatre, all the butterflies in the stomach make such a special sensation that I really cannot wait to feel. So, I agree with Ada that it is a sort of extended impression, which is good in a way.

when in rome mari evans analysis

And what is even better: we still have some great things to look forward to. With less stress than we had before, of course. AS: I think this will be a fantastic reward for all the hard work. I hope, that in June we will be link to travel to Berlin and that it will be a celebration without any kind of pressure, because the film has already been seen and im will be the interaction with the audience.

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We will be celebrating http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/art-therapy-and-the-creative-process/arsenic-and-old-lace-youtube.php together with the audience and exchanging the experiences and the thoughts with them. You have known each other since when you both graduated at EAVE. Have mafi been collaborating or co-producing together since then?

Afterwards we had a lot of co-productions that were less formal.

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We also have many Berlinale and Cannes experiences together because we mqri always sharing an apartment together with another EAVE fellow, Finnish producer Leila Lyytikainen, so this is much more than just working together as partners on some films.

I was always eager to be a part of his crew. Also, there is no doubt that I can easily work with Ada because we know each other very well.]

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