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History[ edit ] Though artificial sweeteners had been known since the discovery of saccharin in , [1] the diet beverage era began in earnest with the launch of La Casera also known as Gaseosa in Madrid, Spain using cyclamate. This was followed by the development of No-Cal ginger ale in Hyman and Morris Kirsch of Kirsch Beverages Brooklyn, New York formulated No-Cal for diabetic and otherwise sugar-restricted hospital patients, also using cyclamate calcium to replace the sugar. Recognizing Americans' growing desire for weight loss, Kirsch began marketing No-Cal to the general public, particularly to women. By , the drink had become popular in New York City and the surrounding region. Following highly successful trials in Chicago and North Carolina, RC began marketing Diet Rite nationwide for the general public in Pepper" later renamed to Sugar Free Dr. Pepper, then Diet Dr. Pepper , although it sold slowly due to the misconception that it was meant solely for diabetic consumption. Coca-Cola added Fresca in who makes aspartame

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Absorption and Metabolism of Sugar Substitutes (Artificial Sweeteners) - Aspartame, Sucralose, Etc.

This non-nutritive sugar substitute gets such a great deal of bad press and is the subject of a very intensive misinformation campaign. The myths about this non-nutritive sweetener are so ingrained that I doubt any amount of effort on my part would change many minds.

who makes aspartame

Why should I care whether you avoid aspartame? There is certainly nothing wrong with that.

who makes aspartame

But wallowing in ignorance is an invitation to being easily victimized by crusaders or health-activists who are actually money-grabbers. These who makes aspartame are very quick to tell you what is poisoning you, while they are also telling you how, for a fee, they can fix you, or sell you approved products, at an elevated price, that will keep you healthy and safe. Do I care about aspartame and consider it a victim?

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Of course not. What I do care about is scare-mongers preying on our emotions and gullibility. To that end I have published a series of articles, starting with this one, about aspartame here who makes aspartame Culinary Lore asparame will cover some basic facts and background about the chemical as well as many of the who makes aspartame claims made about it.

The next article in the series will be linked at the end of each, and each will be linked within when appropriate. Each article can be read as a standalone. Here, I am going to cover some basic information including when and how aspartame was invented, how it is made, and its basic fate in the body. Diet Coke is Readily Associated with Aspartame, being one of the first to use it and the number one selling diet aspattame in the world.

When Was Aspartame Invented? Aspartame was invented in by James Schlatter, who was a chemist for G. Searle and Company, now a subsidiary of Pfizer.

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Schlatter was not trying to make whk sweetener but was instead working on an ulcer drug. While working with aspartame, it is said he accidentally got some on his fingers and when he licked his fingers to pick up a piece of paper he noticed a very sweet taste.

who makes aspartame

Aspartame was reported as a sweetener in in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. It is now distributed under several names, including Nutrasweet and Equal. When Was Aspartame Approved for Use? It was approved for who makes aspartame by the FDA in However, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste. See how other artificial sweeteners compare with the sweetness of sugar. How is Aspartame Produced?]

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