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Who sings the shake it up theme song

Who sings the shake it up theme song - are not

It joins a series of articles in that issie of Tikkun that are a kind of anthology of eco-theologies in various traditions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and several strands of spiritually open secular thought. Rabbi Seidenberg's book and my article a distillation of much of my own eco-theology present two new theologies, both rooted in Torah, looking at different aspects of Torah yet both reframing the relation of God to Earth and human earthlings. He brilliantly shows that many Kabbalists extended the sense of the Image not only to the human species but to the universe as a whole and therefore all the beings within it. And he wonderfully explores the implications of this finding — intellectual, spiritual, scientific. Whereas the Image of God that draws David comes from the first Creation story, I focus on a crucial thread of Torah starting from the second Creation story --— adam birthed from adamah, and YHWH breathing life into the newborn human species as a midwife breathes life into the newborn human individual. I am delighted that both these new Jewish theologies are emerging in response to the planetary crisis we are in. Indeed, they both point to the ways in which the world we actually live in, and the policies and practices we develop to address it, call us to re-imagine God —- that is, to create new theologies. who sings the shake it up theme song who sings the shake it up theme song

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who sings the shake it up theme song

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