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Click to see full answer. Also know, when did Persia attack Greece? Likewise, why did the Persian army want to invade Athens Greece? The invasion , consisting of two distinct campaigns, was ordered by the Persian king Darius the Great primarily in order to punish the city-states of Athens and Eretria. These cities had supported the cities of Ionia during their revolt against Persian rule, thus incurring the wrath of Darius. why did the persian emperor darius invade greece

The outcome of the Persian Wars would decide the fate of the eastern Mediterranean in the coming years. Would Greece spread its unique democratic culture, or would Persia simply add more lands to their already vast empire? Between the years of and BCE, political authority changed rapidly and to quite a degree.

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The Near East had never seen as vast an empire as Persia had why did the persian emperor darius invade greece to be under the leadership of Cyrus the Great. At the same time, another culture was rising just miles away, across the Aegean. This culture would grow to become what would be the Greek Empire.

In this peiod however, most of 'Greece' was nothing but feeble villages goverened by local aristocracies, however the city-state of Athens was a leap and a bound ahead of the others, already making unprecendented changes that would lead to a revolutionary type of government: democracy. While Athens was developing democracy, Sparta, on the Peloponnesian peninsula, was the most important member of this culture, as they had become the most powerful land power in Greece, and was the chief wuy of a large alliance of other Greek city-states that controlled the majority of southern Greece.

Even with all these things going for them, check this out to the empire they were about to fight, they were nothing. He worked to reorganize the empire, and secure and expand its outer boundaries. Later that same year, the Persian king himself crossed the Aegean and conquered all the land between the Danube and Aegean, all the way to wny borders of Macedonia. The revolt was caused, for the most part, by dissatisfaction of economic and political conditions under the Persians, and it lasted from BCE to BCE. The revolt was brought to a close when they were defeated in a crucial battle at and sea, and also by the immense superiority of Persian militay. Athens, a Greek naval power by this time, and some other, but significantly smaller, cities provided help to the rebels.

This action only convinced Darius more so now than ever, that the Greeks had to be put to rest to ensure the protection of eemperor Persian western border. InPersian forces launched an expedition to gain control of the central Aegean and punish the Greeks for helping the rebels years earlier. The Persians initially had great emoeror, but were forced to turn back when they lost most of their fleet in a storm. Two years later, a second expedition was launched. This one sacked the city of Eretria and why did the persian emperor darius invade greece landed at Marathon, a small Greek village no more than 25 miles northwest of Athens herself. The Athenians pleaded, unsuccessfully, to the other Greek cities, particularly Sparta, for help against the invading Persian army.

Why Did The Persian Invasions Of Greece Fail?

In the battle of Marathon, the Athenians were left to fight the mass of Persian army almost entirley alone. The Athenians were lead by General Miltiades, a brilliant strategist. Miltiades and a force of about 10, Greek infantrymen faced a much more numerous enemy, and surprisignly routed the Persians.

This battle proved two things: it proved the superiority of the armored Greek infantry to the Persian forces in close combat, and it worked to greatly raise the moral of visit web page Greeks. However, historians believe that the battle would have been in favor of the Persians if their cavalry was present in the heat of the battle. Angered by the humiliating defeat, Darius began to prepare a second and final push into Greece, but revolts in Egypt delayed the invasion.

Darius died before he could why did the persian emperor darius invade greece out his plan, but he was succeded by his son, Xerxes I I believe it's pronounced Zerkzies, but I can't be sure. After crushing the Egyptian revolts, Xerxes prepared to invade Greece.]

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