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It might be one of the most challenging positions because you have to deal with life-death matters daily. Therefore, to fit in the firefighting criteria, you need excessive training, relevant education, and a passion to serve the community. So, if you have an absolute commitment to the firefighting profession, then buckle up and gear up your training process with these must-to-do steps in your pursuit to become a firefighter. The good thing is that nothing is impossible. With dedication, hard work, and the following steps, you can easily walk down the path to become a good firefighter. After you have decided that firefighting is the right career choice for you, work on determining whether you fit the requirements or not. why i want to be a firefighter essay Why i want to be a firefighter essay

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What It Takes To Become A Firefighter (Hard Mode)

Why do I want to be a firefighter answer?

Your answer should begin with: The reasons why I firefightet to become a firefighter are The reasons why I want to firefigher a firefighter are: I really like to help people- I work now as an EMT and I really enjoy somebody holding my hand and looking me in the eye and saying thank you. You made a difference in my life.

Fire Marshals are members of staff who have a duty to prevent fires from breaking out and for ensuring that should one occur, everything is in place and everything can be done to minimise its impact on the employees, the public and the business. Is a Fire Marshal a Legal Requirement? Appointing a Fire Marshal will help the responsible person comply to the Law. Most fire marshals are law enforcement officers and are allowed to carry a weapon. This is due to the fact why i want to be a firefighter essay they are investigation arson which is obviously a very serious criminal offence.

why i want to be a firefighter essay

How often should Fire Marshals be trained? Although the fire marshal certification has an expiry date of 3 years, it is advised that all fire marshals have an annual refresher to ensure that best practice is always met in the event of a fire on your premises. Flammable liquid fires Class B fires require foam or dry powder fire extinguishers, fires involving flammable gases Class C fires need dry powder fire extinguishers, flammable metals Class D fires require specialist powder extinguishers, combustible cooking oils Class F fires require wet chemical extinguishers …. Should emergency drills be announced or unannounced? Emergency evacuation drills may be pre-announced to building staff or occupants or they may be unannounced. Consideration of the building occupants and the use of the building may determine which type of drill is most appropriate.


There are four classes of fires: Class A: Ordinary solid combustibles such as paper, wood, cloth and some plastics. Class B: Flammable liquids that sublime as alcohol, ether, oil, gasoline and grease, which are best extinguished by smothering. Class A—fires involving ordinary combustibles, such as paper, trash, some plastics, wood and cloth.

A rule of thumb is if it leaves an ash behind, it is a Class A fire. Class B—fires involving flammable gases or liquids, such as propane, oil. Wht C—fires involving energized electrical components. Classes of fireClass A — fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.

why i want to be a firefighter essay

Class B — fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils. Class C — fires involving gases. Class D — fires involving metals.]

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