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Next Long introductions leading to the actual subject at hand frustrate me. We go back and forth from No Contact with toxic people to wanting to give these puppeteers another chance. This can make us appear unstable in our reasoning skills when we tell others why we separated from the abuser only to return to befriending them once again. Unhealed inner-wounds can make us get caught up in one toxic relationship after another. Not understanding this, people might see this as eyebrow-raising and wonder if we are the common denominator. Repressed emotions from years ago can make the decades, or even months, of abuse erupt into a volcanic spewing of nothing less than everything the abuser has ever done to us which we could never talk about before. word salad narcissism

Does it feel like logic, rationality, and relevance to the actual topic are all completely absent? Undoubtedly, this gaslighting tactic is crazy making! The word salad is a big, fat, red flag that a the discussion will go nowhere, b neither will the relationship it cannot, if working through nafcissism together is impossibleand c your conversational partner may just be pathologically narcissistic.

word salad narcissism

Refuse to bite from now on and take one more step towards breaking the cycle of abuse. Essentially, it consists of a lack of semantic fluidity. When used in word salad narcissism clinical sense, this linguistic symptom of a mental disorder is involuntary. The pathological narcissist uses word salads intentionally, to manipulate and control by inducing that confused, addled state you know so well. Word salad triggers When healthy individuals work towards resolving conflict the aim is to find a balanced position for all parties.

This mindset is accompanied by communicating in a mindful, respectful, and open manner.

Word salad triggers

wodr Gradually, through a process of reciprocal listening and sharing, compromises are nutted out. Although often challenging, the motivation to reach mutually beneficial outcomes works because there is genuine care for the other party and investment in finding solutions. Narccissism so with the abusive narcissist. The NPD mentality does not encompass qualities nor motivations needed for collaborative and compassionate engagement. Efforts to word salad narcissism any issues that might cause you difficulties, no matter how you go about it, is intensely threatening for the narcissist. Anything which challenges the authority, dominance, superiority, or entitlement of the narcissist is taboo and incites defence mechanisms. Hence, attempts to hold the narcissist to account or refusal of any given demand, triggers a serve of the word salad amongst other abusive reactions.

The manipulations embedded in the word salad expressly and intentionally prevent the narcissist from confronting a reality where they might just be problematic. To retain their delusional beliefs they push ownership of any issue entirely onto you. Both word salad narcissism forms of denial.

The narcissist’s word salad

Projection is evident when the narcissist handballs their flaws onto you. Whatever is unacceptable within them is attributed to you. Word salad narcissism, any relationship difficulties must be the fault of others. Specifically, yours. No matter how completely bonkers their finger pointing may sound, you are blamed for everything. Everything to the pathological narcissist is a matter of competition. There must be a winner and there must be a loser. salaf

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This philosophy is word salad narcissism to the word salad and fuels the relentless need to prove you wrong about absolutely everything. What the issue is, what happened, how you feel, what you think. Does this sound familiar? Ever tried explaining how you feel to a narcissist? What happens? The reasoning is: If you are wrong about everything, then it follows you must also be wrong about any concerns you have about them. Correspondingly to their black and white, polarised way of thinking if you are word salad narcissism wrong, they must always be right. Ergo, they remain perfect and beyond reproach. Circular discussions Obviously, an additional outcome of a mindset centred on competition, is that a solution focused outlook is not an option for narcs. Consequently, two-way open and constructive discussions are deliberately obstructed. For this reason, circular conversations are a primary marker of the word salad being served.

Just when you think you have moved passed an issue, it is resurrected.

word salad narcissism

Ad infinitum. The rationale with this strategy is to demonstrate that there is no solution.]

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