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World War II In Colour: Episode 4 - Hitler Strikes East (WWII Documentary) world at war bbc

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List parameters[ edit ] This list of ongoing armed conflicts identifies present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict. The guidelines of inclusion are the following: Armed conflicts consist in the use of armed force between two or more organized armed groups, governmental or non-governmental. This is not a list of countries by intentional homicide rate , and criminal gang violence is generally not included unless there is also significant military or paramilitary involvement. Fatality figures include battle-related deaths military and civilian as well as civilians intentionally targeted by the parties to an armed conflict. Only direct deaths resulting from violence are included for the current and past year; excess deaths indirectly resulting from famine, disease, or disruption of services are included along with violent deaths in the cumulative fatalities count when available. World at war bbc

Mr Assad is not expected to face serious opposition despite continuing conflict and a growing economic crisis. After 10 years of war the Syrian government controls most of the big population centres in the country. Aboutpeople have been killed and over half of Syrians displaced.


The election for a president who will serve a seven-year-term will take place on 26 May, Speaker Hamouda Sabbagh said. Prospective candidates for the election would here able to register from Monday while Syrians abroad would be able to vote at embassies on 20 May.

The vote was also the first time in decades that someone other than a member of the Assad family had been allowed to stand for president in Syria.

world at war bbc

But the other two candidates were not widely known and received little publicity. Back then it was still possible that he could be defeated and forced from power.

world at war bbc

Russian military intervention a year later - coupled with growing Western disengagement - was decisive in his favour. Militarily his situation now seems secure with the main cities under his control.

Assad has proved himself a survivor

He has proved himself a survivor but remains dependent on Russian and Iranian support. The economy is in desperate straits, triggering renewed unrest in several regions.

world at war bbc

The president's inner circle has also shown signs of fracturing. But no alternative political process has so far been put in motion to replace the current power structure and put his rule at serious risk. Syria's civil war started after peaceful pro-democracy protests were violently suppressed by wa forces, leading opposition supporters to take up arms.]

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