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Wracking sobs 1 day ago · There was a chance, yeah, but she was just going through the motions. Somewhere along the way, she'd given up. There was nothing left for her, just borrowed time away from a . 13 hours ago · Cries giant, wracking sobs that break Gaius’ heart, even when he tries to muffle them with his pillow. Dreams terrible nightmares about how Lancelot might be suffering in the afterlife, without Merlin being able to offer him even the slightest comfort. He wakes up drenched in sweat and tears, fingers aching where he clawed his sheets. 9 hours ago · Chapter Text. The sound of Caroline’s tapping foot had even begun to annoy her. She was sitting in the Salvatore mansion, perched right on the edge of a ruby red couch watching with unsettled eyes the flickering flames of a dying fire.
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wracking sobs

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RainbowVamp Summary: Merlin doesn't deal well with Lancelot's death. His friends just want to help, but they don't know the depths of his relationship with Lancelot. Excerpt: "It devastates him. Merlin can't talk for days afterward, knowing it should've been him, knowing that Lancelot walked into the veil to save him. Everyone else is mourning as well, but they knew that he and Lancelot had something special, heads bent together and secrets shared late at night. Please read with care. I got too connected to these characters.

Chapter One — Funneral It was an accident. A stupid fucking accident that came out of nowhere and blindsided everyone. It was a drunk driver, some stupid college kid that had wracking sobs a hold of a fake I. Dean had gone through the windscreen and hit the tree head first, cracking his continue reading open like a raw egg.

The two drunk idiots in the truck had rolled, the driver broke his neck on the steering wheel, the friend in the back had been crushed under the roof when they stopped rolling. Wtacking had been in the truck behind the Impala and had stomped on the breaks so hard he might have broken wracking sobs in his foot.

wracking sobs

Dean would have killed him for leaving her behind but Sam had other things to worry about. Crossroads demons had three days to snatch a soul from the holy gates before they were unable to wracking sobs it and Dean was earmarked for Heaven. But the Crossroads had gone silent months ago. Hell was apparently on lockdown for the big event and was not accepting any new IOUs. They waited a day, waited for Dean to wake up, waited for the angels to resurrect him.

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They admitted defeat when rigor mortis visibly set in, if the angels wracking sobs going to intervene the body would have remained wracking sobs preserved. Michael already walked the earth in the angel equivalent of a second best suit. Very few people came to the funeral. Rufus and Sheriff Mills — who Bobby had to have read in on the whole situation by now — and a few hunters who had managed to get the full story rather than blindly following rumors. Sam and Cas had spent the wee hours before dawn building the pyre, log by log, stick by stick.

They used a match to light the pyre ablaze instead of a lighter.

The body looked so peaceful, like it were asleep. Jody had to go to work, the hunters had jobs to get back to, and the phone in the kitchen had started ringing insistently. Sam and Cas stayed where they were until the pyre burned to ash and all that was left of Dean were a few scorched bones. Sam stared down at him as the words hung in the air around them. The sun was rising in the east, the dawn was painted blood red across the sky and clouds were gathering in the west. They boiled over the horizon and stalked across the sky towards the sun like a great cat stalking its prey.

Lightning flashed wracking sobs those clouds, too far off to hear wracking sobs lighting up the continue reading of a pair of massive wings.

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Lucifer smiled at them from behind faintly glowing teeth, blood welling up between the cracks, a wound on his side leaked a mixture of blackened, burnt blood and blue tinged grace. The burns on his face were worst, the blistering skin had peeled back to reveal muscle and bone was poking through in some places. This shell is almost burnt through, will you be my vessel? The former angel sighed and seemed to diminish. It was something internal, something just click the eyes that was there then gone so quickly that Sam doubted it ever existed in the first place.

Cas nodded and turned towards wracking sobs house, never taking his eyes off wracking sobs Lucifer as he went. Lucifer watched him go with an expression of sorrow that sat oddly on his face, like the half remembered sketch of a mask. But Sam got that impression with every emotion Lucifer displayed, like he had spent so long with just his own mind and demons for company that he had forgotten what emotions looked like on normal people.

wracking sobs

Desperation sat in those eyes, so close to the surface that it was unnerving.]

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