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Yoruba people of nigeria

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Yoruba people of nigeria Impacts of imperialism in africa
Book team of rivals 2 days ago · Yoruba people are not lunatics and that is why we want a better future for our children. Nigeria is not working. Read Also: Sunday Igboho begins ‘Yoruba Nation’ awareness rally in Lagos. 2 days ago · Yoruba people are determined to stand alone. We are starting the rally here in Ibadan because this is the capital of the Yoruba nation. ” Our brothers . 3 days ago · By John Campbell Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland Gani Adams, in a speech at a book launch in Lagos on April 14 said that the Yoruba people have 'graduated from restructuring to self-determination.' He continued by saying that Nigeria is dominated by a 'main powerful bloc' that, he implied, makes restructuring impossible. Specifically, he is advocating autonomy for Nigeria’s.
yoruba people of nigeria

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This article will provide first-class information pertaining to Yoruba history and where the Yoruba people originate from to occupy a large portion of the population of Nigerians. Yoruba people live mostly in South-West Nigeria. They have developed a variety of different art forms including pottery, weaving, beadwork, metalwork, and mask making. Most of the artworks were made to honour the gods and ancestors and since there are more than known gods to the Yoruba there is much sculpture and artwork made. History of Yoruba People, Where did they originate from? The Yorubas originated from Ile-Ife, arose and became quite popular by their trading with the Portuguese, which gave them a large supply of guns. However, they were unable to push back the Fulani who invaded them and pushed much of the Yoruba to the south. In the late s, the Yorubas formed a treaty with the Fulani and in they were colonised by the British. Because of their enmity with the Fulani who are the great Islamic evangelists, most of the Yoruba people do not hold to Islam but instead worship many of the gods and spirits that the Yoruba hold to.

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The Aare seems to advocating a form of governance similar to that of the Federal Republic of Germany—an example often cited in Nigeria of successful regional devolution. These sentiments were also expressed by other representatives present of the Yoruba elite.

yoruba people of nigeria

The Aare and other speakers also vented against President Muhammadu Buhari and the Muslim north—especially the pastoral Fulani. Buhari is a northern Fulani.

yoruba people of nigeria

The representative of the Ooni of Ife, regarded as one of the two paramount Yoruba traditional rulers, complained that most of the wealth of the south was enjoyed in the north. Reflecting Yoruba cultural concerns, nigeia also called for the reintroduction of history in school curricula, presumably in support of Yoruba identity. Calls for restructuring Nigeria are widespread across the country.


In Yorubaland, agitation for autonomy rather than restructuring could presage a drift toward Yoruba separatist sentiment. The leader of Igbo separatism, Nnamdi Kanu, appears to see that possibility. The Aare has long been involved in Yoruba cultural and political movements.]

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