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Four US States That Didn't Ratify The 13th Amendment In 1865 13th amendment ratification.

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Which amendment gave African American men the right to vote? Which right did this amendment grant? It gave women the right to vote. It gave African Americans the right to vote. It abolished slavery in Northern states.


Constitution—together known as the Reconstruction Amendments—abolished slavery, safeguarded a set of basic national liberties, and expanded the right to vote, respectively. This two-volume work presents the key speeches, debates, and public dialogues that surrounded the 13rh of the three amendments, allowing us to more fully experience how they reshaped the nature of American life and freedom. Volume I outlines a broad historical context for the Reconstruction Amendments and contains materials related to the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, while Volume 2 covers the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments on the rights of citizenship and enfranchisement.

The documents in this collection encompass a sweeping range of primary sources, from congressional debates to court rafification, public speeches to newspaper articles. As a whole, the volumes meticulously depict a significant period of 13th amendment ratification change even as they illuminate the 13th amendment ratification in which people across the land grappled with the process of constitutional reconstruction.

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Filling a major gap in the literature on click era, The Reconstruction Amendments will be indispensable for readers in politics, history, and law, as well as anyone seeking a better understanding of the post—Civil War basis of American constitutional democracy. I much look forward to Prof. This post has been republished with permission from a publicly-available RSS feed found on Reason. The views expressed by the original 13th amendment ratification s do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of The Libertarian Hub, its owners or administrators. Submit a DCMA takedown request.]

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