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Frank P. On behalf of the Cabinet Committee, the staff, the Technical Board, and the Advisory Council, we wish to welcome you to this Conference. Some of you have come from as far away as California. Your presence here gives welcome to the idea back of this Conference. That is the idea of providing for social security. This conference is an expression of an increasing interest not only in the economic recovery of the nation, but also in the economic security of the individual human beings for whose life, liberty, and happiness the nation was founded and continues to exist. Without less emphasis on the imperative need for economic recovery we must, along with national economic recovery, lay the foundation for individual economic security. Without any let-up in the efforts in behalf of the more decent conditions of work and a fairer return for those who are doing the work of the world, the people all over America, we believe, wish to make more intelligent provision for the economic security of underprivileged children, the sick, and disabled, the unemployed, and the old. It is a shallow recovery that would sacrifice the security of millions of people. 1934 national housing act

The act helped stabilize the housing market during the Great Depression.

1934 national housing act

How the National Housing Act Works Hational National Housing Act was one of the most important and lasting pieces of here to be signed into law during the Great Depression when the Franklin Roosevelt Administration and Congress passed a series of new laws that expanded the power of the federal government to manage and stabilize the American economy. The law formed the Federal Housing Administration, which was empowered 1934 national housing act establish a federally-guaranteed mortgage insurance program, which insured mortgage lenders against the threat of default, in return for a small fee.

The housing market was in dire need of intervention during the Great Depression.

1934 national housing act

Inas many as one thousand homeowners defaulted on their mortgages every day, and byfully half of all mortgages in America were in arrears. The Federal Housing Administration was successful at stabilizing national housing markets and extending housing credit to Americans for whom homeownership was out of reach.

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Unlike many other New Narional programs, lawmakers in Washington saw a purpose 1934 national housing act the FHA even after the worst effects of the Great Depression had dissipated, and inthe Federal Housing Administration was incorporated into the newly formed Department of Housing and Urban Development. The FHA remains an important part of the U. The National Housing Act is primarily responsible for stabilizing the housing market during the Great Depression. Criticisms of the National Housing Act While the creation of the Federal Housing Administration was a boon to many Americans, it also left out many Americans, particularly African Americans and other people of 1934 national housing act. The FHA focused its credit creation efforts on new communities and suburbs being built on the edges of Americans urban cores, while also refusing to lend to homeowners wishing to buy homes in neighborhoods dominated by people of color.

1934 national housing act

Though this was sometimes justified on the grounds that investing in homes in these neighborhoods is risky, this policy of red-lining unfairly locked millions of American out of homeownership and is a significant reason for wealth disparities between races that exist today. Compare Accounts.]

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