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Abolish minimum wage pros cons

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Should We Abolish the Minimum Wage? abolish minimum wage pros cons

I was a big Bitcoin user as well. I read Treasury's War and it sickened me. AML is indeed a parallel quasi-judicial system except without the good bits of the actual judicial system, and poses many civil liberties concerns. However, I learned with time that it's not as ineffective as it looks. Governments around the world have adopted AML laws, and with less pressure from abolish minimum wage pros cons US than is commonly believed. They click all stupid.

These laws are not a total failure and do raise the bar for organised crime significantly. If you look at the stories of some of the world's highest profile crime lords, they do in fact struggle significantly to launder their money, often in ways that make it appear unclear what their planned end-game was perhaps they didn't have one.

abolish minimum wage pros cons

Here are two examples: 1. Ross Ulbricht, poster child of the AML-free world. Ran a major drug market online. When arrested he was Bitcoin-rich and dollar poor, living like a student in San Francisco. He had been able to convert very little of his gains into real-world wealth that a crime lord might want, like houses, planes, boats, or whatever it is people plan to do with the proceeds of crime. Paul le Roux.

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A much more successful gang leader than Ulbricht, yet when finally captured it was discovered most of his wealth was in the form of balls of precious metals under guard. He lived in fear of his guards turning on him and stealing his wealth. IIRC there was some evidence this happened, and he reached a point where he couldn't physically reach the safe houses anyway. Again, although powerful, he was not actually living the high life in the ways that might make doing such crimes attractive to most people.

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And there is no really good way to convert large amounts of precious metals into more useful forms of wealth without attracting a great deal of attention. Money laundering is like any form of crime fighting. It raises the bar. Ransomware exploded after cryptocurrency came on the scene because cryptocurrency makes AML much harder. You didn't see people regularly being held to ransom via PayPal, did you? One of the many reasons I eventually got tired of the Bitcoin community was their absolute abolish minimum wage pros cons total refusal to consider the physical safety issue: having lots of crypto just is not safe, in the sense that kidnapping your wife or kids to extract the coins from you is an actually viable strategy, whereas trying to extract money from a see more guy via a credit card or wire transfer is just a joke, it will never happen.

You'd be caught immediately.

abolish minimum wage pros cons

Yes the criminal had issue enjoying his money, but it had no real link with the crime committed. You make them sweat more, but There's nothing else to say about it.

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Who cares how sad http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/art-therapy-and-the-creative-process/race-discrimination-essay.php happy they are, it's the impact of their crimes that matter. I agree maybe if they could use money freely they'd invade the system more, corrupt more people, buy abolish minimum wage pros cons police station, whatever. But that's not what you said interestingly. The incentive might be lower for others, true, but there are already so many incentive to live an honest life, rationally, that we need to accept crime is more than an incentive tension. It's a bit that, but more, too. I work on the other side, in a large multinational bank in Hong Kong. It's a HUGE work, we prevent tons of people to partner or work for us, we have entire teams of engineers building systems to monitor trades, we have armies of young people wasting their youth browsing databases trying to find who would be having round-number transactions, things like that.

All this, to piss off a drug dealer trying to buy a Ferrari while kids die in the streets under the batons of the Police. I don't abolish minimum wage pros cons what to do better, I like order and I will never commit crimes, even if it's against my very immediate interests.

But it feels like such a lazy solution to work the banks like that because they're an easy evil to point a finger to, while closing your eyes to the cause of crime.]

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